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Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Healing Timeline

Hey, dudes. I’ve been there. You’ve probably recently had wisdom teeth removed, and now you’re laid up in bed, wondering how long it will take to be able to say,

“Ahhh… I feel better.”

Wisdom Teeth ExtractioN_ a hEALING tIMELINELiterally no one enjoys throbbing pain in their jaw for extended periods of time.

Now, I’ve searched just about every corner of the internet to find an article that really breaks down the healing timeline and lets me have a decent idea of how long each step will take.

Because, I know I was lying there moaning, ” I just want to be able to sigh and be thankful that it’s over.”

But it’s not really over until the pain and medications disappear, right?

And I really couldn’t find any helpful articles to form a guesstimate. Available articles sort of just outlined a basic timeline, and did not break down the healing process, or how long each step could take.

Every single person is different, so counting on one story to be exactly like your experience- is not going to prove helpful. However, they can still serve as a basis of knowledge when you have zero idea of what to really expect. But not many folks take the time to put their experience out for the world. I’d like to offer my experience so you can actually find helpful info. Good luck, friends- feel better 🙂

Diamond CBD

This is what I experienced:


Day 1: My surgery took place September 6th, and went very quickly. I took my Black Tourmaline Crystal for protection, as I am very nervous when going under anesthesia. After surgery I experienced complete lip, tongue and jaw numbness- with strong pressure around the entire face and neck. I was sleepy for the first few hours and couldn’t remember previous conversations when I woke up, until about 6 hours later when I felt more cognitive. Most people say you won’t be able to wake up or move the first day, but I was given lighter medications- so I was able to walk around the first three days to complete chores or run errands. I wasn’t able to do much physical activity though, as I felt weak. I only drank liquids, such as soup or broth, and I could barely open my mouth to use a spoon.

Day 2: The major numbness subsided mostly, and I felt decent for the most part. I still ate liquids only, and couldn’t open my jaw. I continued completing chores around the house and running errands, but I did it all while wrapped in my favorite Fuzzy Blanket for comfort. I shared the link with you, in case you love Fuzzy Blankets as much as I do. 🙂

Day 4: The pain hit me this day; probably because I did too much activity, didn’t sleep much, and swished with salt water like 100 times to feel clean. I developed dry sockets this day, and my jaw swelled so badly that I couldn’t talk or do anything; I just wanted to lie down with a heat press on my face. I used a ton of the 10 hr Hand Warmers to keep swelling/ pain down. I continued taking Percocet, and rested in bed for the next three days, eating only liquids, swishing with salt water, and keeping the pressure off of my face. I regained a tiny amount of jaw movement back, but still could not open it enough to easily use a spoon yet.

Day 8: I couldn’t help but start working, after not touching anything for a week. I felt well enough to lie in bed and get work done on the computer, so I did just that for the next 5 days. I didn’t do very much cleaning, running around, or activity; I just kinda rested, hung out with friends, and got work done. I took naps on-and-off, and still continued a mostly liquid diet. This day, I started eating KFC Mashed Potatoes (without the gravy of course, as I am vegetarian) and BOY did they save my life. I proceeded to pick up at least 2 large sides of mashed every single day for a week. Around this time I took a trip to the surgeon so I could inquire the health of my gums & dry sockets, and possibly get them packed for further protection and pain reduction. However, upon arriving, they told me I was doing a fantastic job keeping things clean and healthy, and that packing the dry sockets actually lengthens the healing process; keeping the sockets open, but covered. I was already a week into healing, and knew I could heal quicker if I stuck to cleaning them and waiting until the jaw bone heals over, so I would continue taking pain medications (against my wish to stop taking them) to get through the painful days & shorten the process. I also didn’t mind keeping a liquid diet just to heal better.

Day 11: I could now open my mouth enough to fit my finger through. I finally decided to eat some real food, as my dry sockets had closed enough that the jaw bone wasn’t exposed anymore. I finally went out to eat for my birthday (which was the 10th), and ate salmon with risotto. It was easy to get down, soft instead of chewy, and I went straight home to clean out the dry sockets. Be warned: if you eat anything except liquid for the 8 weeks it takes to heal… you WILL have gunk in them, even if you brush your teeth or swish salt water. It is important to keep them clean. I used Himalayan Sea Salt Rinses, as that is the best salt for healing. It contains high amounts of trace minerals and serves as a fantastic disinfectant during the healing process. (

I’m currently on day 14, & although I’m still taking a pain med every 6 hours, life is good. I’m able to eat most normal foods, except super chewy/large stuff- as long as I clean my dry sockets. I can open my jaw enough to eat most things, but a burger is out of the question, as I cannot open my mouth very far. I can open it enough to move my finger around between my teeth though, which is progress. I can run errands and complete work tasks without feeling super drained. I do however feel a bit foggy-headed from all of the pills the last two weeks, but I will be sure to complete a day of cleansing once I can stop consuming them for pain. I’ve set up the beautiful Crystal Grid  Tyler surprised me with on my birthday, so I can focus on a speedy recovery!

I hope this helps those of you going through this process currently- or preparing for it to happen. I know it can be nerve-racking, but it is something that is pretty easy to get through. And I’m here the whole way to give you the tips and heads up you’re searching for.

Tips There is also a few pointers Y’all should utilize during the healing process, to get through it a bit less painfully. Sticking to these tips has been very beneficial for me, granting me a quick/safe surgery, speedy healing time, and less pain than I think people usually experience.

I did not take the time to pick up Clove oil– which I seriously regretted afterwards, because many bloggers have written of their experience being wonderful. Clove oil helps numb & moisturize the area, while disinfecting it as well. Most of the users actually completely replaced their medications for clove oils!

I personally used CBD Coconut Oil for disinfecting and comfort 🙂

Good luck!!! C O M M E N T  B E L O W with any questions or experiences!!! Thank you 🙂

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Easy Stir-Fry

If there is one thing we love it is a quick, delicious dinner! Stir-Fry is always a great option because the recipe is flexible to anything you have on deck! This can easily feed a family of 5, or a family of two with multiple days of lunches left-over.

Add Chicken rubbed with taco seasoning for a more filling meal!

Here is what You will need:



1/2 cup Rice
1/3 cup Onion, chopped
1/3 cup Orange Pepper, chopped
4 Crimini Mushrooms, sliced
1/3 cup Carrots, chopped
1/2 cup Purple Cabbage, chopped or julienned
1/2 cup Broccoli
3 Tbsp. Oil
5 Tbsp Soy Sauce

Salt & Pepper to taste
1 tsp each:
Garlic Powder
Red Pepper Flakes


We usually have about ten veggies in the house at all times, mixed according to what our current preferences were per grocery trip.  This time we had this delicious selection to add to the pot. If you enjoy water chestnuts, baby corn, snow peas, or corn they are very easily added to this dish! If cabbage and mushroom aren’t appealing to your palette, they are easily swapped for any two favorite veggies!


Here is how we did it:

Step 1: Wash and chop all veggies. Heat oil to medium heat in a large saucepan, and add veggies.



Step 2: Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and add the rice. Cook according to brand instructions, drain and set aside.IMG_1099.JPG


Step 3: Once the veggies are sizzling, add all spices.



Cook until all veggies are soft and very lightly brown.



Step 4: Create space in the center of the pan and crack two eggs. Allow the eggs to cook for 10 seconds before stirring to ensure color separation.


Once scrambled they should still present yellow and white color:


Step 5: Mix the egg and veggies together, and add soy sauce. Allow liquids to absorb for about one minute.


Step 6: Now add the cooked rice, and stir until completely mixed.


Add about 2 tablespoons of butter, and it’s ready to serve!!



This meal is quick, filling and packed with nutrients! Feed the entire family with ease tonight!

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$$ Dryer Sheets 90% OFF $$

So, like- why are dryer sheets so expensive?

Even the occasional coupon only brings them down to $2-6. That’s no fun, right?

Did you know that you can make your own re-usable dryer sheets for only $2.50, and have that set last 3x as long? Count Me In!

Here is how we did it:

This is a very easy DIY indeed, and only took about five minutes to complete!

Next time you’re shopping at the local grocery store, pick up a 4 pack of $2 sponges. We grabbed a 6 pack on sale, and kept 2 for the sink!


Cut the sponges in half “hamburger-style” 🙂

This ensures easier measuring. For instance; a small load only needs one-half of a sponge, and a large load may need 2!

Place these into any extra Tupper-ware container you may have around the house. I mean, I don’t know about you.. but there is either none at all, or too many containers! Grab the one causing the most angst in the cupboards and use it here!


Fill that bad-boy with water about half-way up the sponges! (This is really based on your preference, add more water if you’d like to replenish the mix less often! Of course, you’d need to add extra softener accordingly.


Pick your favorite fabric softener! We use Downy Free&Clear, as it has less chemical additives.


Add about 2 lids of softener, and squeeze the sponges to mix it in.


Add peppermint for a fresh seasonal scent!  We used essential oils because we have roommates with sensitive skin.


You can lightly squeeze a sponge (not all the way, just enough to stop dripping) and throw it in the dryer with the wet clothes! It will come out completely dried and ready to be added to the container! 🙂 This reduces static on clothes, and adds a soft scent and feel to clothing.

Re-use these over and over until the mix is low- which only needs extra water and softener! You barely spend .60 cents after the initial buy!

Image-1 (14).jpg

Image-1 (12)

Thank you for reading! Show us your DIY dryer sheets and laundry space here!



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Tex Mex Scramble


Good-morning Y’all!

Start your day off right with this flavor-packed breakfast! It only took 8 minutes!

Our Tex Mex Scramble is made with nutritious veggies, protein-packed eggs, and melt-y cheese.

Here it is folks:



2 Eggs
3 tbsp. Onion, Diced
2 tbsp. Pepper, diced
2 Crimini Mushrooms, Sliced
2 tbsp. Shredded Cheese


Salt&Pepper to taste
1/4 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes
1/4 tsp. Garlic
1/4 tsp. Parsley

Step 1: Dice all vegetables and toss into a pan at Medium heat, with 1 tbsp of oil. We used coconut oil!



Step 2: Once after about two minutes, add all seasonings to pan and cook for another two minutes.


Step 3: Now add the eggs! You can scramble them in a bowl first, or throw them in like we do! We like the whites and yolks to stay slightly separated when scrambled, so the egg goes right in- and gets mixed after about ten seconds!IMG_1034

Be sure to consistently fold the eggs- as they like to stick to the pan.

Once the egg is almost fully cooked- add the cheese! Fold into the egg as it finishes cooking, and it will melt right in.IMG_1035

Voila! You have a delicious breakfast! Healthy, fast, and yummy! Enjoy your day y’all! 🙂IMG_1040



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Natural Sleep Remedies


Falling asleep is a tough task sometimes. Your mind just CAN’T seem to shut off once it’s time to relax! There’s too many thoughts of today and the next day, right?

Well there are a few easy solutions that you may have skimmed past before.

Tylenol PM and cold medicine are so not the way-to-go. First of all, they contain quite an amount of ingredients that aren’t good for you. They are pretty expensive sometimes, especially if you struggle to sleep every night and use some type of aid regularly. They also make you feel sick and groggy after knocking you out, instead of rested and awake.


These natural remedies are awesome, and here’s why:

  • They will not harm you.  All natural, baby!
  • These habits provide stepping stones to a better lifestyle over-all.
  • Natural remedies prove very effective if commitment is given.
  • You don’t have to spend money! Cha-Ching!


The answers are quite simple, so we wanted to discuss the topic with y’all. Here are our proven remedies for sleep:

No caffeine before bed:

Caffeine is proven to energize, which isn’t something you want to take right before bed. If you know you’re going to sleep in a few hours, maybe grab something along the lines of water, juice, or tea to flush out the days gunk.

  • This will give your mind time to relax and release the necessary chemicals to make you sleepy, such as melatonin.
  • Caffeine raises your heart rate and breathing, thus making it much harder for the body to slip into sleep-mode



Wake up earlier in the day:

If you sleep in late, you’re definitely more likely to be groggy all day. This lowers the likelihood of productively finishing the day’s responsibilities, and in turn pushes bed-time to a much later hour.

If there is one thing I have learned so far, it is that we as humans will always have something to do. We have bills, children, animals, dishes and hygiene to keep up on.

Utilizing the earlier hours of the day to finish all tasks is so incredibly beneficial to a smooth afternoon. Think about it: If you wake up around noon with a butt-load of stuff to get done, the probability of falling victim to the heavy exhaustion is much greater than excitedly living. At this point, there becomes no room for meditation or personal growth because you either work too hard all day or procrastinate and do nothing at all.

It is exhilarating to be responsibility-free by 10 am and lie down to take a nap without an ounce of regret.

  • This brings relaxation to the day, and in turn effectively reduces anxiety triggers.
  • Practicing these habits brings a healthier sleep schedule, which heightens the immune system and allows vital organs to run properly.


Exercise throughout the day:

Exercise can come in many forms. Whether you run a few miles, walk/lift at work, lift weights at the gym, perform yoga, or ride a long-board; this is a wonderful tip.

  • Exercise effectively utilizes all energy of the day, making it easier to wind down at bed-time.
  • Working out your muscles reduces tension and helps with inflammation.
  • This is a form of meditation as well, and a great stress relief!




Meditation ranks 1st on the list of best remedies for insomnia. (In our opinion, of course.)

If you’re lying in bed with continuous thoughts of the day, the key is to focus your mind.

The most simple way to do this is to lie in bed with every light, sound and piece of technology turned off- and breathe. Focus only on your breath, and relax each muscle until every ounce of tension is released.

Every time your mind is on a thought other than the breath flowing through your lungs; re-focus. Any time your muscles react to a thought and tense up; focus on relaxing and calming the thought. Allow the silent calm to take over your mind and body. Continue this exact pattern, and you will wake up the next morning asking yourself when you fell asleep.

You can also turn on a guided meditation from Youtube. There is a huge arsenal of beautiful videos that will ease your mind.

The sleeping guide videos are awesome for insomnia because they aim to guide you into the calmest state possible. Which has proved to be great for falling asleep!

You can choose whichever video calls to you the most, then quietly listen and follow along. You will usually find one that calms your mind pretty quickly and has you falling asleep in no time.

This is also a great option because if you find yourself staying awake through the video; that is a wonderful way to bring meditation into practice. Every guided meditation has a goal; usually to bring calm and to open & unblock the cakras. Whether you trust in it’s work or not, it will still rise your vibrations.

This is obviously a much better late night option as opposed to cramming your phone in your face and reading all of the drama on social media.

This will also lead to a healthier morning as you will get a deeper sleep and feel way more refreshed when you awake!



Listen to soothing music:

If listening to a soothing voice guide you through a journey to a magical world of healing isn’t your cup of tea, you can also listen to soothing music!

Although hard rock or Gucci Gang seems great to fall asleep to, it pumps you up more than it relaxes your mind.

Instead, turn on solo piano music, or soft instrumentals. (Michele McLaughlin’s Celtic Piano is my favorite)

These genres are entirely more relaxed, and help soothe the mind into quiet slumber instead of hyping up about “purple drank”.

You can realistically listen to anything with soothing beats and soft instrumentals.

  • Meditating alongside this choice of music is an exquisite combo!
  • This will likely allow you to slip into a much happier dream-state, effectively stopping nightmares.
  • The soothing sounds of the beats will relax your mind into a dream-state more rapidly than a distracting song will.


Drink hot tea:

There’s nothing like snuggling into cozy pajamas, curling into a fuzzy blanket, and sipping a hot cup of tea before bed.

Tea time can be anything of course; hot chocolate, hot water, tea, and hot milk are a few good examples. Regardless, tea time is a great bed-time ritual to settle the mind, warm the body and prepare for relaxation.

  • This will soothe your intestines and muscles with warmth, bringing the on-set of sleepy time 🙂
  • This is a great time to take CBD; just add it to your tea! CBD will relax the muscles and reduce inflammation in the body, which is especially useful when your face and body hurt from the flu.
  • Depending on the drink of choice, this will offer an effective night-time detox. Examples of this are water and lemon, green tea, and ginger tea.
  • If you add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, you can effectively protect against the cold, flu and other bacterial diseases!


Melatonin is a natural chemical that is released through the brain when it becomes dark. This is the hormone in the body that regulates how alert or sleepy you are. If you are lying in bed trying to fall asleep, but have loud music and a bright phone in your face- the brain will not release the correct amounts of melatonin to relax. In this case, the brain thinks it isn’t time for bed yet.

You have to allow your body to fall asleep, not expect it to do the job even though you’re clearly still active!

  • You can purchase melatonin supplements online or in local drugstores. They are dosed perfectly to take one or two pills and receive the correct amount to fall asleep quickly and rest all night.
  • These are along the better sleeping pills, as they are almost purely melatonin, instead of a list of syrup-y additives.
  • You can wake up the next morning without feeling extra groggy as you would with conventional sleeping medications.




This is one of those tips that just oozes awesomeness.

Lie in bed and assume a few of your favorite yoga poses for about 30 seconds each. Stretch your back, neck, legs, arms, and torso. Allow all tension from the day to release through the stretches.

  • This allows a few moments of silent meditation before bed, which relaxes the mind.
  • Yoga increases blood flow to the brain, muscles and intestines.
  • Once every inch of the body is fully stretched, bedtime is like lying on a puffy cloud. The muscles aren’t tense, so it is easier to relax into the cushioning and feel weightless.



We are always here to show you guys the way to natural treatment! Thank you so much for reading! We hope you can effectively test these methods for your own benefit and let us know how ya feel 🙂


Happy Sleeping!


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We enjoy both forms of writing, and can understand the ladder seems a bit less reputable. But we are all-too aware of readers that barely click on articles because it is too much reading, and we want y’all to receive information in a manner that keeps you interested all the way through, instead of skipping through to find main points.

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A Morning Routine For A Meditative Day!

via A Morning Routine For A Meditative Day!


Keeping good spirits throughout life is essential. It is a much smoother ride over the bumps of each day if you are in a positive mind-state, as every day will have a bump or two. Healthy habits prolong life and prevent sickness while supplementing every moment with fun and enjoyment, no matter the situation.

It has been a long journey, learning to implement thankfulness, positive thinking and love into everyday life. However nothing has taught me more about life than those characteristics. It is sometimes tough to keep a happy energy when frustrating situations arise, but the trick here is that it’s part of life. Those frustrating lessons are here to teach patience, solidity and love in everything that comes your way- because no matter what you did or experienced in life, you should be able to sigh with happiness at the memories of 100 years well spent. No one should look back with regret or angst, because you have 100 years to do anything.

“The little things in life count the most.  Appreciate everything instead of always expecting better. “

We ave found that little changes to your day can move mountains!

Here are great tips for a positive day, even when it’s tough.

alarm-clock-ring-comic-book-style-vector-13211812.jpg     * RRRRRINGG!*


Good morning sleepyhead!

I hope you slept well and enjoyed dreams of unicorn poops falling from the evergreen into a whirlpool of sparkle farts and cheeseburgers.

But before you pick up that cellphone.. before you even open your eyes.. breathe.


Every muscle in your body is completely relaxed right now, so utilize that relaxation to lie there silently and let your body wake up.

Thank the universe for being alive today!

You may have went to bed feeling less than blissfully happy, so take this time to accept the past for what it is, and readily take on the new day. Everything could change today if you take the necessary steps.

You are in control of your life! You are beautiful. You are the deciding factor for your happiness. So take this time before you even begin a single thought of the day to trust that you will make today the BEST!

Breathe in good energy, out bad energy and know that you will have a good day- and you are wonderful.


Make sure you wake up clean.

Brush your fangs, wash your face, take a shower, do your hair, etc.

Clear your body and mind from the day before, and start truly fresh today! This will wake your sleepy butt up, and get you motivated for the rest of the morning instead of sloshing around.


Slip into an outfit that is going to make you feel great!

Maybe you’re a man who is empowered by a vest, sweater and dress pants.

Maybe you’re a girl and who feels great in a dress and heels, or dress-pants and a blouse.

Maybe you feel good in leggings and a sweater!

Whatever your forte, dress to impress: YOURSELF.

You won’t feel like waking up and taking on life like a bad-ass if you’re in the same cozy sweatpants all day, will you? The answer is usually “No.” Sweatpants just implement more video games and mac n’ cheese, Bro.

The better you feel, the more motivated you are!



Drink a tall-ass glass of water.


Nice and cold, too.

We do not suggest adding ice, as too-cold temperatures will shock your body. However a refrigerated glass of water is a smooth wake up call and morning refreshment for your brain and ograns!

This will give you a great boost of hydration for the day, which gives a clearer head and boost of energy.

Your breakfast will digest easier as well, because your organs will be awake and ready for the foods by the time that water digests.

Purium - Shop Now!


Yoga is an absolutely wonderful, but underrated medication for sure!

download (2)

Regular practice helps brain function, anxiety disorders, arthritis, headaches, muscle cramps, and more!

It sure does wake you up- whether you’re a late slumber bear, or an early riser like us!

Anytime back pain arises, or muscles are tense just stretch it out! This loosens joints and muscles while reducing inflammation.

Doing this first thing ensures a smooth day; your muscles and mind are relaxed, your blood is flowing and energies are aligned.


This ensures a clear head by reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, inflammation. It increases blood flow to the body&brain while flushing out toxins. loosening ligaments, enhancing sperm counts, and more!


Make yourself a delicious breakfast. You deserve it!


To some, this is the most important meal of the day, and some just grab a Pop-tart.


Make something healthy and easy!

Here is an option:

Throw an egg in a pan with some salt, pepper, garlic powder and red pepper flakes. Add onion and tomato on top of the pan, then toss in some melt-y cheese.. and wrap it in a tortilla. We like to add avocado as well, but a lot of people do not enjoy it.



You have a filling healthy breakfast that can be cooked AND cleaned in under 7 minutes.

Who doesn’t love that? This literally takes no time, happens to be super cheap- AND filling 🙂


Whatever breakfast tickles your fancy; make sure it’s a health boosting option. Heavy bread, cheese, sugar, etc is totally not recommended to give sustainable energy all day! However with the right foods, breakfast can be a power-packed meal 🙂


Do one last thing before you start your day.

Maybe you do this naturally and already have 100 times today. Maybe you haven’t thought of this in a long time and you’re now being told to regain this habit.

Whether you’re hopping out the door after breakfast to go to work/school, or you’re getting on your computer to work at home,  taking the kids to school or maybe waking up from a crazy night-


Anything and everything you  could ever be thankful for.. down to your body being healthy, the trees, your place of living, your job, your motivation, every-one of your family members (Because they all matter; everyday.), and your pets.


We like to thank the universe for our coffee in the morning, the breeze in our hair on a sunny day, good morning kisses from the puppy, a loving look from a family member..


Thank the world every minute possible that you appreciate and watch your life completely change. This affects the people around you positively as well if you voice the love 🙂


A Morning Routine (1).jpg


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Tips To Stop An Anxiety Attack

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks?

Attack symptoms can range from minuscule to paralyzing, and no matter your place on the scale- these tips will help!


These situations can be hard, especially if you do not fully understand what is going on.

If you haven’t taken the time to really find what helps you, we are here to give pointers for what we know has helped every time.



Some experience symptoms that are very light, and can easily be handled with a few deep breaths.
-Slight sweats/Cold Sweats
-Raced thoughts
-Tendency to keep busy, can’t sit down or focus

Some also experience more severe symptoms that can tend to be much harder to overcome in the moment.
– Hyperventilating
– Shaking
– Sobbing
– Heavy pressure in chest
– Racing, Low thoughts
– Agressive tendencies with those around
– Nightmares
– Numbness in limbs



Go to a quiet alone place:


Where ever you are; step away from the situation and go somewhere quiet. Try the park, a meadow, your back yard, or anywhere outside where you are- away from people.

  • This will allow a quiet space to think, away from any distractions such as conversation, background noise, crowded areas, animals, etc.
  • We suggest to stay away from your usual areas in this instance. For example, the space you usually retreat to could be cluttered, small, busy, or loud. It is easier to calm down in a wide open, outdoor area in these cases. A space free of judgment and fear.


Meditation; Breathe it out:



This is for real.

If you feel anxious, stressed, confused, angry; anything- please breathe.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Take a very deep breath, as slowly as possible. Hold this breath for 4 seconds. Let the air fall out of your diaphragm slowly, and focus on completely relaxing a new muscle with each release.

Your mind will race off into thought about anything and everything while you do this; but the key is to recognize when you start to think and snap back to focusing only on your breathing.

Do not allow yourself get up until you can walk around without a single stressed thought. If you get up and start to feel anything then immediately lie back down and breathe. This will ensure that you calm down. I mean it really makes sense, right? You can’t get up until you’re completely calm, so it is foolproof in itself.

This is something that some of you may understandably scoff at. It’s not necessarily something that will work if you think it is a waste of time or bogus. This is all about your mindset, and ability to force yourself into the calm state needed to think through things appropriately.

As humans, it has become nature to fall victim to anxious behavior, and allow these energies to take over because of familiarity. It has become all too easy to convince ourselves that things aren’t okay, when things are more than okay if we are able to separate from the situation mentally or spiritually and find the loving side to everything.

Remember that everything happens for a reason. You will always make it through what is bogging your thought currently. We as humans are very strong, capable beings, and we can control our world with our own view on things.

From this calmer state of mind, one which you can allow the thoughts of this situation to flow without over-reacting emotionally, you can now productively search for an answer. An answer that you will consistently circle around with worry if you do not allow yourself to reach this state of mind.

Fun fact: This was a very important key to curing depression. But that is an entirely different post.


Go for a ride:

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

Whether you own roller blades, a long-board, or a bike; go for a ride. This is a great mental workout for these situations.

Now, if you are hysterical, numb, or sick; we obviously recommend not driving. DO NOT operate a motor vehicle if attacks are more serious. This could allow major distraction during driving and thus cause accidents; which we never want to be the outcome.

However, taking a ride on a long-board or bike can give solid mental and physical exercise, and allow productive thought release- which can lead to a better state of mind.

This more focused mind-state allows room for optimistic, problem solving thought- instead of jumbled worries.

Plus, you can’t ride a bike or long-board inside. This gets ya out doors, in the beautiful area around you, hopefully near some trees. Nature is a wonderful place. plants and trees are alive- and pure. I mean, think about it- they live their entire lives just being a tree. No speaking, no drama, no murder; just a solid spiritual life. They communicate through roots and help keep fellow trees alive. You can feel the wise, healing love they offer if surrounded by trees and focusing. This is why you feel better after going to the park!



Fresh lavender flowers
Aroma therapy is a wonderful anxiety relief. Lavender in particular brings calmness, deeper breathing, and settled thought.

We suggest having something readily available at all times if you have anxiety attacks.

You can use aroma therapy almost anywhere with these techniques:

  • Fill a small spray bottle with water and lavender oil and spray onto your wrist. Rub into the skin, and the scent will stick for about 20 minutes! This is discreet, and serves as an awesome cologne!
  • Carry a lavender chap-stick. This is very small, easily transported, and very discreet. Plus you’re moisturizing at the same time, so win-win. This being applied directly under the nose offers the calming aroma of lavender with each breath.
  • Plant fresh lavender in your home. The plant it-self is easy to take care of, and absolutely beautiful. The flowers are always in bloom, and range from bright blues to bright purples which makes this one of the top decoration plants. This gives an aroma of fresh lavender whenever you need it- and if the plant is large enough you can snip a small branch off to carry with you!
  • Carry a small pouch or pillow with dried lavender within. This can be carried in your pocket or purse for easy transport anywhere! Dried herb offers the strongest aromas and is one of the best options for calming therapy on-the-go.  A pillow or pouch can be handmade, washed, re-filled and used forever! This proves to be very convenient if you are going to get alot of use out of your product.





download (5)

Cannabis is a strong anxiety relief medication almost any way it is used.

This method is fast-acting and natural. CBD naturally boosts the endo-cannabinoid system, which is directly linked to all vital organs in the body. This includes the brain, skin, intestines, muscles and chakras- thus relaxing the symptoms of anxiety, such as racing thoughts, hyperventilating, sobbing, numbness and anger.

In all honesty, cannabis raises vibrations. We all reside on the vibrational level we output with our emotion and thought; and cannabis raises those vibrations to be on a happier level. This brings calmer, smarter, more loving thought. This plays a factor for the greatness of this product for daily use.

This method can prove to be very effective and incredibly convenient. The best forms of use including CBD Chocolates, Vape Pens with CBD or THC Liquid, Capsules, and herb!

These methods prove to always be discreet, so medication is fast, easy, and  worry free. 😉


We hope this offers effective anxiety relief for you and your friends! Please feel welcome to share your stories, personal remedies, and comments with us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter!

Thank you so much for reading! Namaste.


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Cheesy Potato Wedges

Who doesn’t love cheesy potatoes?

Well, I can tell ya.. we eat cheese very often; almost everyday. And both of us are Irish descendants, so we looove potatoes as well.

The 25 minute trip to the nearest cheese shop for the real stuff is totally worth it. The shredded bags are convenient but totally unhealthy, and the Murray’s Cheese selection at Kroger offers ONLY the finest real cheeses.  Estate Gouda, Farm Cheddar, Asiago, and Pepper-Jack are on the list of cheeses we always cycle through.

Making cheese fries at home does not need to be limited to using a traditional deep-fryer. Our oven-baked potato wedges are so darn good, you won’t miss fast food! With a prep-time of 10 minutes or less- they are an incredibly easy snack!

Our cheese-y potato wedges are crispy on the outside, with a burst of spicy garlic flavor- and a soft, moist potato on the inside.

It’s an easy recipe to make with a partner! Team up with your spouse, best friend, kids or roommates and prepare an easy, delicious snack to share!

Share your comments below, and have fun cooking 🙂


3 Russet Potatoes, sliced
4 Tbsp. Olive Oil- We use coconut, sunflower, or avocado.
1 tsp. Salt&Pepper
1 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes
1 tsp. Parsley
1 tsp. Oregano
1-2 tsp. Garlic Powder
1 tsp. Paprika
1/3 cup Shredded Asiago & Cheddar Cheese’s

Step 1: Wash, slice, and place potatoes on a sheet pan evenly.


Step 2: Coat potatoes with all spices and oil of choice. Use clean hands to mix the potatoes together until oil and seasonings coat all sides evenly. Spread along the pan again! You want them to cook evenly.


Step 3: Place tray into the oven around 400 Degrees, and bake for about 40 minutes.



Be sure to flip half-way through so all sides become crispy.



Step 4: Take the pan out of the oven once the wedges are finished cooking, and add the shredded cheese! We chose Cheddar and Asiago 🙂


Place into the oven for another 2 minutes to melt cheese, and voila! Delicious cheese wedges 🙂 This dish is so simple and incredibly flavorful!!


Share your pictures of this recipe or anything similar here! We always love seeing when y’all try our recipes on Pinterest 🙂


Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day! Feel free to share this recipe with your friends on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter!

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What is Samhain?

Ancients Celtics followed a timeline of two “hinges” per year to mark summer and winter, instead of twelve “months.” These splits were Beltiane; May 1st, and Samhain; November 1st- making Samhain the start of the New Year!

This was the end of the summer and beginning to winter. The time of harvest and feasting.

Samhain is also known as Hallowtide, The Feast of All Souls; and is today known as Halloween! This marks the break of the walls between the supernatural and human worlds, so these times and places “in-between” are scary and magical at the same time.

This also meant areas such as in-between territories, bridges, and land/water connections like ponds, rivers, and oceans were “holy.” They often became places of spiritual practice and prayer.

The old practices of this holiday have developed today’s Halloween traditions into what they are. This is where the jack-O-lanterns, candles, Halloween costumes and dance parties come from!

The Celts followed the belief that past, present, and future all become one this night, bringing spiritual change and enlightenment. Care was always taken, as the open veil meant the beings of the underworld were released into our realm. As a society that is in tune with these times, they actively protected against the spirits.


Dressings were worn during prayer rituals around fire to protect the tribe! This is one of many traditions that has developed wearing costumes to this day!



Candles, torches, and lanterns were lit and carried around the property and home to protect the family against spirits. Today we light candles and Jack-O-Lanterns 🙂



Witches and religious groups would gather near holy areas to perform protection rituals and show respect to the dead!

ft5s-samhain download (1)


Animals needed special care during this time, as they were vulnerable to spirits. Samhain marked the time to pull farm animals into their respective homes for the winter. They were typically guarded in some way as well.



Families would cook a silent meal; this consisted of sitting together as a family for dinner, setting an empty seat&full plate at the head of the table, and eating in complete silence to pay respects to the dead! Afterwards, they carried the plate into the woods to allow the wildlife, or “poohka’s” to eat the food.



Children used to dress up by painting faces or wearing scary garments to ward off spirits, and go to doors performing dances or songs for treats, and if not rewarded they would perform tricks. We now just deliberately say “Give me a treat or I’ll trick you” and walk away with a bag full of goodies.




Burning herbs during this time is common, as certain herbs repel negative energy, protect against and repel spirits, purify the area, and bring healing energy.



How do you celebrate Halloween? Show us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #PseudoHalloween!

Have a wonderful Day 🙂


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Cramp Remedies; Because F That

This is it. Mother Nature has got’Chya by the balls.


You know the tidal wave is coming when you start grump at the tiniest things, say no (or YES!) to sex, and feel that slight tightness in your lower abdomen.

Chocolate suddenly sounds extra good when it’s mentioned, too. Doesn’t it?

And Maaaaaaaaan, cramps sure SUCK.


We believe a calm, wise female etiquette is important.

But there isn’t anything else that makes us want to stomp around, whining like a toddler more than a cramp-y abdomen does. And we cant be the only ones.

We’ve tried the pain medication and squish pillow methods; but we all know that doesn’t work too well.


Well we’re here to give you ladies some sweet, sweet relief to V-Day treacheries!

Try these methods to ease cramps away better than ever!



Did you know that bananas help reduce cramps?

They contain potassium and B6 which help by lowering the amount of water the body retains!


Bananas have been a well-known remedy for leg cramps in athletes for years!

So grab a banana or two next time you’re hunching over, girl!


This is a personal favorite, because yoga is the bomb.


Let’s be honest; this is usually you- right? Same.

But, What is better than stretching and relaxing your body in a silent room?

We’ll wait….


Nothing, right? We agree.

This is especially helpful when your abdomen is tight and cramp-y, or your head keeps pounding. So stretch those muscles, breathe away the pain, and allow your insides to relax!


This is a form of meditation that will reduce headaches, relieve anxiety, and clear a scattered brain! (Because even when we don’t want to admit we’re a typical hormonal brat sometimes…we totally are. Even the chillest of chill women get grumpy when hormones fly up and down for a week.)



Cannabis is exploding in the feminist world! This form of medication is absolutely THE BOMB with anything that has to do with the time of the month!

Headache, backache, cramps, scattered brain, joint pain, and more- ALL GONE. We’re not kidding.


For example, “on day 2 I had been sitting on the couch for a consecutive 12 hours with hella cramps and a killer migraine.

After so long of complaining, Tyler walks up with CBD.

“Take this.” He says, ” You’re writing about it; follow your own preaching.”

That’s how I know it is going to be tough to get some of you on the CBD train- I’m all about it and STILL forget it’s there to help sometimes!


Well, I took the CBD, and went on with writing.

Ten minutes later I caught myself taking a breath of relief, noticing my head felt completely clear, light, and void of pain! WOW!



Protein is important for muscle function and hormone balance! We all know this, and most already follow a high protein diet.

However; fun fact: Protein helps relieve cramps as well!

images (5).jpg

The proteins in meats (Specifically fish) contain high amounts of Omega-3’s- which have shown to effectively reduce menstrual pains.

High fibrous diets can reduce animal fats in the body- which significantly raise estrogen levels- thus reducing pain as well. Typically diets that follow vegetarianism already have high fiber and protein- due to the intake of beans.

Either way, this is a delicious option!


This is an obvious tip! We hope most of you drink water as much as possible, but no matter your habits- increase the intake during this time.

RDH0097_muscle cramps_water.jpg

Staying hydrated is quite important to ensure energy levels stay high, sugar levels do not drop too low, and skin doesn’t dry out.

Water lubricates the body from the inside as well, giving proper function to vital organs.

This flushes toxins out of the body, which is especially helpful for those who are anemic during their week of doom. This helps relieve fainting spells and other symptoms that anemia can bring.


Now, Ladies…

This is a touchy public subject, but we are all adults here.

There’s two moods during this time of the month: Get ON me, or get OFF of me. Right?

Let me give you a boost towards the more fun direction..


Sex helps cramps.


YUP. Sex can help relieve menstrual pain. When we orgasm, our bodies release dopamine, oxytocin and other endorphins that ease pain and inflammation. COOOOL.

Going solo? Go for it, Girl! In this situation, the destination is the prize; not the ride.


This goes along with Yoga just a bit. While yoga is stretching the muscles slowly, exercising is working the muscles consistently. Both equally loosen the body, just with different intensity in approaches.

Honestly though, when you’re cramp-y and moody; throwing in headphones playing bad-ass music and aggressively pumping your flex can seriously ease the grumps.

download (3)

This week is when your female energies are at their highest. Our energy is raw, untamed and pure. This week can bring fierce grumpiness or fierce empowerment!

Channel your inner sexy into a kick-ass workout so you come out of it feeling that much better. This squashes the typical “I feel fat” because of bloating, and brings “I’m one hot bitch” to the table. Because you ARE.

The over-powering feeling of accomplishment floods like a refreshing stream of joy once the workout is done, cramps relieved, and body looking bad-ass.

So get your butt up, girl!



Cramps are seriously No Bueno.

But with these remedies, you don’t have to keel over and die! Good luck with V-day!

Anything you’d like to know? This post was requested! Contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to request a topic! Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!