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Lavender Hibiscus Soap Bar!


Ingredients: Olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, water, Hibiscus flower, natural lavender scents, natural NaOH.


Step 1: Turn on Shower to steamy hot Step 2: Lather, lather, lather allllll over your arms, up your neck, your face, down to your belly and around to your back, down your legs and to your little toes- pausing for a bit of massaging of the feet… hehe. Lather and let the Love, kindness, calm, and happiness soak into your skin, enveloping you in pure bliss Step 3: Wash away the dirt, grime, negativity, stress and restlessness and leave it replaced with Love and calm. Feel the cleanliness, softness and purity of your skin! Step 4: Close your eyes. Take a very deep, slow breath. Breathe in until your lungs are completely filled, soaking in the Loving energies in the air. Hold in the breath, soak in the happiness, calm, clarity, and Love. Step 5: Let out your breathe slowly, releasing all negativity or stress, while water is washing away worry and fear; rinsing it all down the drain. Step 6: Take another deep breath, feeling how much lighter and easier this intake is, feel the relaxation in your shoulders, back, legs and feet. Clear your head of all darkness, and think of sparkling green Love! Step 7: Thank the universe for anything you feel- your health, your family, friends, appreciate that you are you- the only you there ever will be. And you are beautiful. You are divine. You are wonderful. 


First of all; thank you for your interest and looking into these products!

Here at Pseudo Pharm we manufacture organic, cared for products that are made of love and light. We want to spread a message of clarity, light and happiness- to open the beautiful minds around us to living holistically, off of the land and energies we were given to heal and grow from. They are constructed of all organic oils, essential oils, flowers, and herbs! Never any extra chemicals or ingredients. All products are purchased from a company that has the same message. They relax your mind and body, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. These soaps can be used as a body wash, shampoo, a face wash (that doesn’t clog pores or dry skin), hand soaps at the sink or even to wash the dishes! 


All products vary in size, shape, and quality. Shown as well as possible in pictures!

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