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GUYS! I’m so pumped 😺These bad boys have been curing for 4 months! They’re finally ready and they look oh so beautiful 💕 

Some of you may already know and Love this wonder plant as much as I do.. but for those who have no idea let me tell you a bit about Echinacea. 

It is a Native American coneflower ( and herb ) that has been used by The Great Planes Natives for over 400 years. This bad boy was around before antibiotics took off in the 1950s. A few uses are: 

• Common cold medicine: 10mg/ 1kilo of body weight for Ten days is recommended to treat a cold

• Cancer Preventative and Treatment!: The Phytochemicals in Echibacea are valuable tools to combat “alongside-or indeed in place of- conventional therapy” 

• Immune system Booster

• Laxative 

• Detox for Stomach and Gastrointestinal tract

• Anti-Inflammatory

• Allergy Treatment

Made into Tinctures for easy ingestion!! Instead of taking an extended time to infuse the plant into a tea or alcohol, just add one full dropper to any drink or meal for immediate daily doses. Take orally twice daily for a treatment. 

I can’t express how excited My sick ass is to have this little bottle of goodness😍

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