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ITS HERE GUYS! So many of you have been asking for the CBD to become available on the shop, and the time is finally here!! 


Thank you so much for your patience, and I’m so excited for you to benefit from this natural healing method. 


Make sure you check out the other CBD products going live on the shop! 




*Natural pain relief- especially muscle ache/cramps

*Headache relief 

*Anxiety relief: panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder

*An aid to quit smoking 

*Treatment for epilepsy 

*Helps fight cancer 

*Alzheimers disease prevention

*Heals skin 

*Relax muscles 

*Relieve nausea 

*May treat seizures & other neurological disorders

*Promotes cardiovascular health 



The Isolate is my most recommended product, because it is essentially a “bulk buy” option. Even buying one gram is 1,000 mg, which can prove to be a waaay cheaper treatment option for someone battling cancer. They need around 200-400 mg/ day, so utilizing other products can be much higher of a cost (such as tincture, chocolates or pills-which are perfect for general use). 


Water soluble and oil soluble, so you can easily infuse 1 gram CBD into 40g of your favorite oil (we like coconut) to receive a perfect 25mg per 1/4tsp dose!! 


Get ahold of yours today y’all! These go very quickly! I couldn’t keep them in the booth.

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