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Pseudo Pharm’s Business & Crypto-Currency Cunsulting for business owners, college students, investors, marketers, writers, photographers, teachers and more!

We will show you the path and guide you through the steps to your own personal success. 


How do you build a site?

How do you market & navigate social media correctly?

How do you start a blog?

How do you brand properly?

How do you create engaging content?

How do you launch a successful product line?

How do you invest into Crypto-Currency the safe/ smart way?


We will show you. 


In 1-4 hours we will give you the knowledge that entrepreneurs take YEARS to learn on their own. 

“Hey Y’all, Victoria & Tyler here. 

We used to feel like no matter how hard we worked, we were still struggling to find personal time or relief. 

We found ourselves consistently longing to explore the beauty our world has to offer, while paying our bills and our families along the way. 

We wanted to live freely & comfortably while showing others the magic path.

So we sat down for multiple weeks in a row and thought as hard as we could, researched everything we could find, and brainstormed what worked for us until we found the golden ticket. 

We have worked towards these goals for three years together now, and we have learned more every single day. We consistently push towards our future goals, working in the present on the wonderful things at our fingertips and trying to help people along the way. We run Pseudo Pharm, a holistic company based around a message of healthy living, freedom and personal success. We try in every way to show people a healthier way of living, whether the message comes from our organic products, business consulting, video content, photography, blogs, or affiliate companies- we try to always give love and options for growth.  We now travel for the company, host and attend business seminars, lunch-ins and conferences; we campaign for over 20 companies at a time and we spend a whopping 50% of our lives just enjoying it. 

Wouldn’t you like the opportunity as well?”



We would love to share this knowledge with you, as many of you consistently message us with inquiries of advice for your own investments and business adventures. We offer 1 hour sessions, by


-Phone Call

– In Person @ a Local Restaurant (If you live close enough and can provide enough credentials to prove you’re a safe human being please šŸ™‚  ) 

We will perform a Scheduling Consultation upon purchase, for free, by phone, text, or (Preferably) email- so we may fill out our consultation packet- to properly prepare for your session. Each consultation is different, depending on the service you are looking for. 

In the scheduling process, We may ask:


-What is your Company Name?

– What is your most-used social media handle? (To see if you are a real person)

-What is your website link?

-What is your Company social media handles?

-What stages of company growth are you currently working on?

             ~Building a site

             ~Opening a Shop

             ~Launching a Product Line

             ~Building/ starting Company Social Media accounts

             ~Brainstorming new money-making ideas

             ~Investing in Crypto-Currency (Beginner) 

                   ~~We may need to set up accounts during your session if you do not already have them, which we will show you how to do. We will also provide our experienced trusted sites. 

             ~Investing in Crypto-Currency (Experienced) 

                   ~~ Have you made any money with Crypto’s yet?

~Do you have any marketing experience? 

~Would you like professional photos of any kind taken?


Thank you so much, we look forward to learning your story & helping you blossom into money-making bad-asses!


Please contact us by email once your purchase is complete, so we may start the Scheduling Consultation  šŸ™‚ We will then communicate the type of session needed, whether it will be by phone, Skype or in-person; and the date & time!  


For Crypto-Currency Consulting, please contact:

For All other Consulting (they fall under the “Business” category in purchase options), please contact:



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