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I can’t EVER keep enough bath bombs in stock, so I made 300 this weekend. Well… there’s only these 15 left😳😳 

UPDATE: We have had 70 awaiting orders for bath bombs, and you finally have access again! Thank you for your patience!!



P.s. These are sold in stores @ 

*Health Yourself in Perrysburg & Fremont

*Spoiled CBD/Vape in Maumee


In case we run out on the shop 😊😊 

$15.99 retail 

$12 on our shop BECAUSE I LOOOOVE U 😂


Make sure you check out the other CBD products going live on the shop! 




*Natural pain relief- especially muscle ache/cramps

*Headache relief 

*Anxiety relief: panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder

*An aid to quit smoking 

*Treatment for epilepsy 

*Helps fight cancer 

*Alzheimers disease prevention

*Heals skin 

*Relax muscles 

*Relieve nausea 

*May treat seizures & other neurological disorders

*Promotes cardiovascular health 




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