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97.7 Radio Station Interview

I had an opportunity arise that was completely unexpected.. and so awesome. So I wanted to share it with you guys 🙂

I’ve recently hired in my first employee, and I started with an assistant, because I need someone who can do a little bit of everything. An assistant to tag along the journey with me to the top of the social media totem pole and make thousands. I needed an OG employee; the first bad-ass worker that helps build this company to the top and sits there to help me hire in the new teams each time we branch out. I waited a few weeks to start the search, because I wanted to really find the right person- and although there’s 100,000 people on the site and social pages every month, I couldn’t guarantee the success of the new hire if I did not know the candidates intellect and motivation.

I stumbled onto Maya sort of by accident.. she had mentioned a work and family problem online, to which I replied jokingly “come work for me”, thinking she would say no. She surprisingly loved the idea, and BOOM. We started the flood of ideas between the two of us. Even before this girl started her first day she was helping me with business tasks & taking dope-ass pictures at events. She is brilliant; coming up with idea after idea for the company, always offering awesome campaigns for social media impressions, and she also takes saucy pictures. Here is example:


Follow her on Instagram: @pseudodollmaya

She became even more awesome when she called me for an Interview on Springfield Highschool’s Radio Station!

97.7 WNLB play’s great music and conducts interviews of Springfield Alumni.

I had the pleasure of joining her on the station to answer a few questions about my high school experience, life-path and career. It was literally so much fun and I can’t wait until more radio interviews come my way!

Their APP is “WNLB977” on the Apple Store and Google Play Store!

BlueDevilRadio is a great radio station, and the music grows on me every-time I hear it.

Their app gives the song line-up, schedules a platform to listen to the station directly!

Let’s take a look..

“What year did you graduate”


“So being 4 years out of high school, do you think think being an adult on your own is easier than being in High School?”

I want to say yes&no, but My answer is absolutely. Bills and responsibilities are easy once you get the hang of them- and it’s never hard if your making a sufficient income. I think being able to explore the world and grow on your own terms is a huge part to becoming an adult, and I think the thresh-hold of the new opportunities that arise in your early twenties are amazing. It’s sometimes really tough to become yourself when your parents, family and school authorities weigh their collective belief systems down a bit too hard to prepare you.

“What was your biggest expectation post graduation?”

I honestly didn’t expect much- I mean, I’ve always connected with music and entrepreneurship; but I never expected that I would find the knowledge, motivation and support to create a successful life on my own terms. I expected to work high traffic serving jobs while exploring online incomes of any sort. That kind-of snow-balled into creating my own company, Pseudo Pharm, which I use to market campaigns, create content, book photography sessions, offer Crypto-currency & business consultations, and produce my product line.

“What did you decide to do after high school?”

At first I ran away to Center-Ville, where I was finally taught natural health and organic foods. I came back home with that new knowledge, and started Cosmetology School. I absolutely loved it but didn’t vibe with the bad energy most of those women carry and output. I quit halfway through and started working my butt-off serving while also building my own company, so I could create a business with a loving environment.

“If you had to give freshman you advice, what would it be?”

High-school is full of animals, and I strongly suggest tuning into your own energy and not hurting yourself by focusing on the people you do not vibe with. Pay attention in school, appreciate the fact that you have all of this free knowledge at your finger tips. Find the things you enjoy and excel in them. The world after high-school is wide open with opportunity for whatever career calls to you, but it is absolutely up to you to find success in it.

” For you personally, do you think that there is anything Springfield has taught you that you still carry to this day?”

Perseverance. Life is always going to throw curve balls at you, so you need to be determined to press on toward your personal success goals no matter the situation at hand.

“What was your high school experience like?”

Crazy. I was fed GMO’s and terrible habits, and wasn’t sure how to read energies or communicate properly, so I had a small circle of friends at all times. I focused on the things I enjoyed, like art and music, worked to keep my grades up and prepared myself for the after-life of Highschool so I could become the person I really wanted to be.

“How long did attended Springfield schools?”

From third grade until I graduated in 2014, and before that I was at Swanton. So, about 10 years.

“Do you still keep in contact with anyone you went to school with?”

Only a select few people, most of them from band. My friends Andrew Ha. and John He. stuck around for years, I’ve stayed in contact with Veronika Sh., Hailey Sz., and Emily B. on Snapchat,  and Kara A. just recently came back into my life through my company.

“What do you think your biggest achievement was during the years you attended Springfield?”

My grades and band. Even through all of the sickness, missed school days, bullying and family bull-crap I managed a good GPA and excelled in the music industry. I was very proud of that.

The recording will be up for the next few weeks on 97.7 WNLB every hour on the half-hour. Tune in for the saucy-ness 🙂

Thank you for reading! Namaste.



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Exciting News!

TA DA!!!!


So a few weeks ago I did something super exciting..

I’ve recently been back into contact with my wonderful childhood best friend Courtney Adams (I still accidentally call her Blevins).

We used to dream of a better life with freedom and opportunity together- reminiscing of all the things we would do when we were adults. She would plan our future weddings as I would scoff at the idea- eventually, she would say “you’ll want to one day, and we will have an awesome joint wedding and I’ll be saying “Ha-Ha.”  🙂 We would drive around town talking about what bad-bitches we would be with our successful businesses and freedom to live healthily/happily and love our families the right ways.

Well, here we are as grown-ass-women, building awesome businesses that perfectly represent each of our personalities and that have brought us into the beginning of our childhood dreams. She is an absolutely wonderful mother of two with a husband perfect for her nerdy butt, and I have my soulmate Tyler, whom proved Courtney right all those years 🙂

I have been thinking of Pseudo Pharm merchandise opportunities for a long time now, and haven’t found the right company for what we are looking for. All along Courtney was right in front of me! Her products are well-made, durable, absolutely beautiful, and LOW-PRICED!! DUH!

Of course I started immediately conversing with her about what designs to use for the prototypes, to which I gave her a few requirements and told her to use her own creativity to surprise me.

What a wonderful idea that was.. look how beautiful these turned out😍 I am so incredibly in love and excited for this year! I am filled with appreciation from the bottom of my heart!


I am so proud of You, I & our companies that are slowly climbing the mountain to success!✨ ”


If y’all are interested in Pseudo Pharm merch, contact us here! We will launch the line after 100 friends inquire!

If you would like to check out Courtney’s available products, take a look here!




She also does custom orders!

We also talked about the time consuming tasks of posting on social media all day, so I thought I’d take the time to mention Tailwind as well.

This is a great platform to schedule pins out as far as necessary! You can use old pins for easy scheduling and never have to worry about it!! There a lot of busy mom-preneurs on my site who could really benefit from the extra time this allows in the day! Plus this is a platform to share with thousands of other super popular blogs which can SOAR your page views!

You can Sign Up Here for a free month, which can be switched to the FREE version after the month is up 🙂

Here is to a successful year for everyone! I love all of you💕IMG_2531.JPG



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Holiday Dog-Bed

Happy Holiday’s Y’all!

‘Tis the season for giving!

I’ve never been a fan of the winter; it’s cold and wet. However the season to give love and special gifts always brings excitement and joy to my life.

Personally, handmade gifts are the best. I thoroughly enjoy putting special time and care into a gift that brings joy to the receiver.

This Christmas I had purchased a few fleece blankets for my puppy Kasper, because he loved to cuddle into a pile of fuzzy blankets. The most adorable light-blue snowflake blanket looked perfect to turn into a bed for a Christmas present.

Pillows are so easy to make, and a large one is always perfect for a puppy, dog, or even cat to lie on!

Kasper had passed away a few days later, so I made the pillow for our new puppy Ella. The elegant snowflakes fit her so well 🙂


This is incredibly easy to make, and depending on your sewing skills- or whether or not you have a machine- the process can be quick as well! I’m new to sewing, so it took about an hour and a half to sew this large pillow. I imagine if you’re experienced this could take as little as a half an hour by hand.

Customize with any color, design, or material blanket suits best!

Gift someone special this holiday with a beautiful hand-made pillow!

Any family member, puppy or child will love the soft comfort.




~Any comfortable holiday blanket will do! We chose fleece for Kasper, but cotton or silk will also do.

~A quality pair of scissors

~Sewing supplies: thread and needle

~Cotton stuffing



Step 1:



Cut the sewn edges of the blanket all the way around. This creates a new canvas to sew the inner edges!


Step 2:

Fold the blanket evenly in half *hamburger style* 😉

Fold it one more time. The blanket should be 1/4.

Cut all edges so there are four equal pieces. Set two aside.


Step 3:

Flip the two pieces inside out and line every edge together.

Grab your sewing supplies, pick the closest color match, thread your needle, and get started!


Start at any corner and work your way around all edges.  Make sure your line is thick, so they do not bust. Fleece is very thin and prone to rip.IMG_1370.JPG

Step 4:

Once there is only about 7 inches before the sew is complete, stop.

Flip the pillow right-side-out and begin stuffing. I used about a package and a half for my preference.


Once full, finish the sew and tie it off!

You now have an awesome pillow or a dog bed!!!


It turned out so beautiful! Super comfortable and only about $15 opposed to $35 at the stores! IMG_1372.JPG




I think it would have been Kasper approved 😉




Share your creations with us here! We love seeing a fellow furry friend!


Don’t forget…

Only 6 days left of

12 Days of Christmas

Tune in for yesterdays post in the series:

Christmas Is For Family

Christmas Is For Family

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Sale ends Christmas Eve 12pm EST.

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This is for you, Little Foot.

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Christmas Is For Family

Ahhh the holidays. A time of delicious eats, snow to play in, and cozy pajamas.

Working from home is one of the best things during this time of year.

Fun posts like hot chocolate recipes and Holiday DIY’s are circulating like crazy, work is incredibly busy for everyone and life outside of work seems to get crazier by the day.

Sometimes, though, when life is its craziest- chores need done, business needs ran, and meetings are scheduled- we need to take a second to breathe.

We received a random phone call from my parents tonight, in the middle of a busy work day, for Walleye tickets.

We accepted.

So, we have a house to clean for the millionth time and a business meeting and a Blog post to finish on time- but what are the holidays and all of this holiday cheer being blogged about if we don’t appreciate our family.

We spend so much time throughout the year working and running from place-to-place trying to catch up with life.

Well, today’s 12 Days of Christmas Post is to tell all of our readers to go out and spend time with your family this weekend.

For example, go to a Toledo Walleye Game.


We took a break from life for a minute to see my parents for once.

And hey, Walleye games are pretty fun.




And the the beauty of my job? I can work right here in my chair.

Responsibilities are important y’all; and gifts for Christmas can be awesome. But spending time with family is better than any gift.


Thank you you for reading and have a wonderful night! Tune in tomorrow for day 4!


Dont miss out..

Only 9 more days until our Exclusive Holiday Sale ends!!


20-30% OFF Everything In-Store!




Check out yesterday’s post:

Christmas DIY

DIY Decor


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Pinto Bean Quesadillas

Tonight was Mexican night! Tyler and I looooove Mexican food; so this dinner comes often. All other nights we sneak fall comfort food.

We eat this dinner so much because we can change the recipe according to what we have in the house. If we want to we can switch up the whole dinner with burritos, quesadillas, or nachos. Small changes include black beans instead of pintos, and adding green pepper, jalapeno, and avocado!

The quesadillas are still cheesy, flavorful and delicious- but packed with nutrients! Filling and healthy!

-Pinto beans offer protein.

-Anthocyanin in onion offers anti-oxidants; protecting against neuro-degenerative disorders.

I’ve formulated a recipe for today’s version of vegetarian quesadillas. Please enjoy and share photos of your version of this here 🙂


What you will need:

8 Soft Tortillas
1 Can Pinto Beans, Drained
1/3 Purple Onion, Diced
1/2 Medium Pepper, or 4 Small Sweet Peppers, Diced
1 Cup Shredded Mexican Cheese
1 Clove Garlic, Minced


1/2 tsp. Paprika
1/2 tsp. Cumin
1/2 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes
Salt&Pepper to taste


Step 1: Add onion, peppers, and garlic into pan and fry until golden. Then add all spices.



Step 2: Once the veggies start to brown slightly, add the pinto beans. Let these cook down until they are totally moisture free and steamy hot.



Step 3: Lay a tortilla onto the quesadilla maker or pan, and spread the bean mixture evenly.



Step 4: Add some delicious cheese on top of this mixture.. you don’t have to be skimpy here either. (It’s the best part)



Add a top tortilla (Do not forget this part.. I have and it was hilarious but so sad). Close the lid, and cook until finished! If using a pan, flip half-way through cooking process.



Voila! You have a deliciously easy vegetarian quesadilla that took ten minutes!


We eat these with BBQ; it adds the perfect smokey-sweetness to the spicy Mexican flavors!





Share your versions of this recipe with us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter!


Thank you so much for your time; we love sharing healthy living with y’all!

Have a Blessed Day!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y’all! Today is one of our favorite days ever! Grab your best costumes and candy and have a wonderful New Year!


In celebration of this New Year’s Eve, or Hallows Eve, the house is tidy, pumpkin and skull decorations are up, candy bowl out, cookies in the oven, taco dip ready, and sage burning 🙂 Our closest friends are coming to the house to hangout on this awesome night!

We have brought the finest souls in our lives around to help us clarify all past negativity and come into the new year with clarity and love flowing like an endless river!

How have you spent Halloween this year? Share with us what you’ve done to celebrate!


Here is a few fun facts you probably did not know about Halloween:

-November 1st is the Celtic New Year, or Samhain, making Halloween new year’s eve and the time for new beginnings.

-Old traditions follow past, present, and future all combine this night to create a time of releasing negativity and living a prosperous life.

-In old druid traditions, families would prepare a silent meal. They did not speak a single word during this dinner, and sat an empty chair and full dinner plate for the dead. After dinner they would put the plate into the woods for the animals to eat! This offered peace to the dead, and protected the families during the winter season.

-Families use to light candles and walk the perimeter of the whole property and house to protect against spirits during the winter.

-‘Tis believed that on this night the veil between this realm and the dead is the thinnest, making areas where land/water, different territories and bridges ‘holy’ areas, where prayers were practiced.

-This is the night witches come together to practice Samhain rituals to protect against the dead and offer peace!

Thank you for reading!

We want to see the best costumes, meditation set ups, candy mountains from a successful trick-or-treat trip, and the chillest parties!

Share your pictures on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #PseudoHalloween and we will share on all social media!

Have a wonderful day 🙂


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Cramp Remedies; Because F That

This is it. Mother Nature has got’Chya by the balls.


You know the tidal wave is coming when you start grump at the tiniest things, say no (or YES!) to sex, and feel that slight tightness in your lower abdomen.

Chocolate suddenly sounds extra good when it’s mentioned, too. Doesn’t it?

And Maaaaaaaaan, cramps sure SUCK.


We believe a calm, wise female etiquette is important.

But there isn’t anything else that makes us want to stomp around, whining like a toddler more than a cramp-y abdomen does. And we cant be the only ones.

We’ve tried the pain medication and squish pillow methods; but we all know that doesn’t work too well.


Well we’re here to give you ladies some sweet, sweet relief to V-Day treacheries!

Try these methods to ease cramps away better than ever!



Did you know that bananas help reduce cramps?

They contain potassium and B6 which help by lowering the amount of water the body retains!


Bananas have been a well-known remedy for leg cramps in athletes for years!

So grab a banana or two next time you’re hunching over, girl!


This is a personal favorite, because yoga is the bomb.


Let’s be honest; this is usually you- right? Same.

But, What is better than stretching and relaxing your body in a silent room?

We’ll wait….


Nothing, right? We agree.

This is especially helpful when your abdomen is tight and cramp-y, or your head keeps pounding. So stretch those muscles, breathe away the pain, and allow your insides to relax!


This is a form of meditation that will reduce headaches, relieve anxiety, and clear a scattered brain! (Because even when we don’t want to admit we’re a typical hormonal brat sometimes…we totally are. Even the chillest of chill women get grumpy when hormones fly up and down for a week.)



Cannabis is exploding in the feminist world! This form of medication is absolutely THE BOMB with anything that has to do with the time of the month!

Headache, backache, cramps, scattered brain, joint pain, and more- ALL GONE. We’re not kidding.


For example, “on day 2 I had been sitting on the couch for a consecutive 12 hours with hella cramps and a killer migraine.

After so long of complaining, Tyler walks up with CBD.

“Take this.” He says, ” You’re writing about it; follow your own preaching.”

That’s how I know it is going to be tough to get some of you on the CBD train- I’m all about it and STILL forget it’s there to help sometimes!


Well, I took the CBD, and went on with writing.

Ten minutes later I caught myself taking a breath of relief, noticing my head felt completely clear, light, and void of pain! WOW!



Protein is important for muscle function and hormone balance! We all know this, and most already follow a high protein diet.

However; fun fact: Protein helps relieve cramps as well!

images (5).jpg

The proteins in meats (Specifically fish) contain high amounts of Omega-3’s- which have shown to effectively reduce menstrual pains.

High fibrous diets can reduce animal fats in the body- which significantly raise estrogen levels- thus reducing pain as well. Typically diets that follow vegetarianism already have high fiber and protein- due to the intake of beans.

Either way, this is a delicious option!


This is an obvious tip! We hope most of you drink water as much as possible, but no matter your habits- increase the intake during this time.

RDH0097_muscle cramps_water.jpg

Staying hydrated is quite important to ensure energy levels stay high, sugar levels do not drop too low, and skin doesn’t dry out.

Water lubricates the body from the inside as well, giving proper function to vital organs.

This flushes toxins out of the body, which is especially helpful for those who are anemic during their week of doom. This helps relieve fainting spells and other symptoms that anemia can bring.


Now, Ladies…

This is a touchy public subject, but we are all adults here.

There’s two moods during this time of the month: Get ON me, or get OFF of me. Right?

Let me give you a boost towards the more fun direction..


Sex helps cramps.


YUP. Sex can help relieve menstrual pain. When we orgasm, our bodies release dopamine, oxytocin and other endorphins that ease pain and inflammation. COOOOL.

Going solo? Go for it, Girl! In this situation, the destination is the prize; not the ride.


This goes along with Yoga just a bit. While yoga is stretching the muscles slowly, exercising is working the muscles consistently. Both equally loosen the body, just with different intensity in approaches.

Honestly though, when you’re cramp-y and moody; throwing in headphones playing bad-ass music and aggressively pumping your flex can seriously ease the grumps.

download (3)

This week is when your female energies are at their highest. Our energy is raw, untamed and pure. This week can bring fierce grumpiness or fierce empowerment!

Channel your inner sexy into a kick-ass workout so you come out of it feeling that much better. This squashes the typical “I feel fat” because of bloating, and brings “I’m one hot bitch” to the table. Because you ARE.

The over-powering feeling of accomplishment floods like a refreshing stream of joy once the workout is done, cramps relieved, and body looking bad-ass.

So get your butt up, girl!



Cramps are seriously No Bueno.

But with these remedies, you don’t have to keel over and die! Good luck with V-day!

Anything you’d like to know? This post was requested! Contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to request a topic! Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!




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Leonid Afremov: A Painter for the Empathetic

In light of the new blog, I want to do a post about a famous artist picked at random, or a rising artist that I find cool and worth sharing with people. For the simple fact that I love art, and I love expanding my knowledge.

The one I’ve picked for the very first article in this little “Series” I’d like to create, is Leonid Afremov.



First of all… look at him.  He’s just adorable. And his life is spent painting colorful, happy paintings for a living. He’s cool already.

Leonid Afremov was born on July 12, 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus.

He grew up in a traditional Jewish home, with parents and grandparents that spoke Yiddish!

Afremov developed his own style early on; later being described as a “Russian–Israeli modern impressionistic artist who works mainly with a palette knife and oils.” (

He is an artist at heart; his parents seeing his talent at a young age and encouraging it.

He participated in every art class he could throughout school to learn and perfect new skills. He also actually quite enjoyed history- which I find neat.

Leonid graduated High school with an Honors Degree, and went on to study Arts & Graphics at Vitebsk Education Institute.

He pushed through kidney damage and hypertension at a very young age- which he still deals with today- from exposure to extreme cold at merely 14.

In 1976, he married the mother of his three children; Inessa Kagan.

image (1)

He first sold his watercolor, oil, and acrylic paintings on his own to galleries around the area who would take them.

An unexpected loss came about in 2001 when his personal Gallery was broken into. The vandals stole and destroyed artwork, leaving no mercy; and trashing the whole place. He took it as enough and moved to the USA in 2002.

After his oldest son graduated high school, Boris discovered Ebay and began helping his dad sell his paintings on that site, making hundreds to thousands of dollars per painting.

This was the most exciting avenue for Leonid, because he always struggled with only creating a select few types of paintings to give the buyers what they wanted. He made a better living selling paintings online, employing his sons and living happily. 🙂

Eventually he retired to a resort town near Cancun, named Play del Carmen.  His family was able to move with him very thankfully to this avenue sky-rocketing.

Ya know- He’s a pretty cool guy, and I like his thinking. His paintings reflect the fact that he is a good person, and never contained any hidden messages or offensive material. I also like that they are always politically neutral.

They reflect emotions ans memories such as happiness and love! He wants you to have specific feelings looking at the paintings- instead of a story, or a view on the world.

His paintings are appealing to all ages&groups, with beautiful arrays of colors portrayed in a well-painted picture bringing heartfelt feelings in some way.

For those of us who are empathetic- these are the types of paintings we want to enjoy and and take in. We love leaving a painting feeling happy and warm.


Fun Fact: He’s an animal lover! He was known to always have pets, and was told to be a fantastic owner. He often painted his love for animals in examples like this one:

image (2).jpg

Adorable, right? I love the blend of colors, layers, and tones. I’ve tried this form of painting, and it takes a lot of patience, but it creates magnificent effects like these. Leonid’s paintings are timeless and fun. No wonder they are so popular!

Another Fun Fact: The website his family runs is right here:

Check it out, the range of paintings is quite exquisite. For great prices too, and shipping worldwide! Maybe i’ll ask for a Christmas present… 😉