About Pseudo Pharm

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Here at Pseudo Pharm we hand manufacture Organic Products that are made with Love and Light. We want to share a message of Clarity and Happiness to open and encourage the beautiful minds that come into contact with our Company to allow Holistic Healing into their lives through healthier products!

We have many platforms to share and communicate with all of our friends 🙂

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My name is Victoria Scanlon, and I am the CEO of Pseudo Pharm. I created this company with the notion to share the knowledge I have spent years acquiring. The world is a wonderful place, laced with opportunity and magic, and I want to share how!

I, too had fallen to conventional treatments, pills, tests, depression, materialism, and close-minded behavior. But through research and meditation have found a higher place- filled with love, wonder, and appreciation!

I had vowed to spend my time here learning as much as possible, travel the world, learn the culture of humans, follow a path of enlightenment, and spread the word of Love.

Pseudo Pharm was conjured as a gateway for all of this! I want to share with you the beautiful, energetic side of being human! I want to give you the tools to take care of your mind and body, and unlock it’s full potential!

We have grown in just one short year to be a community of almost 20,000 people coming together to share their path of enlightenment and healthy living!

I hope you find answers and friends here, as I know I have. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our page! Have a Wonderful Day.

Namaste 🙂