CBD benefits for skin

Hi buds, do you have dry, acne prone skin? Thankfully with our CBD soft salve your skin will be refreshed and smooth overnight. Our products are organic to ensure the highest quality skin care on the market!

Here are the benefits of CBD on your skin:

By using a CBD soft salve you are doing yourself and your skin a huge favor. CBD naturally regulates the production of sebum, which is an oil secretion of the sebaceous gland. Overproduction of oils on your face or body will cause acne, and our non-clogging salve gives amazing moisture while controlling oil and acne.

If you have sensitive skin and can’t seem to quit having breakouts chances are the products you are using are toxic. By switching to an organic product you are allowing your skin the best opportunity to be healthy. CBD has soothing properties that are fantastic for sensitive skin. CBD also normalizes redness & reactivity so your skin will stay hydrated and glowing all day.

Using a CBD soft salve daily will allow optimal moisture for dry, cracked skin. Given CBDs natural anti-inflammatory properties it is also great at reduces the redness caused by dry skin. CBD gives a supple feel and helps prevent the appearance of fine lines, thus carrying anti aging properties.

The answer to all your skin problems is CBD! Plus it’s natural and made with oils that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin barrier for longer lasting moisture, while detoxifying and protecting!

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  1. Wonderful informative blog. Now I just need some salve lol. Thank you Pseudo pharm for providing a wonderful product!!!

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