3D Printing – which slicer is right for you?

With the world of 3d printing growing so large so fast, the software to use your printers properly and optimize your print quality are growing just as fast. I’ve personally used about seven different slicers, and now that I have found what I need for my demands maybe I can direct you to what your looking for. The programs I would recommend are primarily downloadable software and one service online through the web browser. The downloadable programs consist of Cura, Mesh Mixer, iceSL, Voxalizer, Chitubox. Every program has its own purpose, but used together along with TinkerCAD through the web browser as your basic shape CAD program can make even the most complex designs.

With TinkerCAD, you take basic shapes like a cube or cone and fuse them together to create a basic shape of your intended print. The next step is taking other shapes and fusing them together, then making that group into what’s called a ‘hole’ or ‘void’ shape. You can finish it by the two together to remove material on the part to eventually create the basic complex part. You could no longer need to use other programs to create the part, then you could go straight to Cura to slice the part and test print.

Then if you have a part you need to smooth out or cut into separate parts without removing material, use Mesh Mixer. I haven’t used this slicer very much so I’m not to sure of its full capacity, but to smooth out the surface of a part it’s a beautiful tool for exactly that.

If you’re still not done yet and need to hollow out the part, use Chitubox. It’s a resin slicer with a small build plate. Don’t worry about resizing your part, look at the top and click the hollow feature. This hollows out the part and makes the shell to the specifications set before you click hollow. Then right next to the hollow settings, there is a hole feature to cut into the part and make an opening.

Cura, Voxilizer, IceSL are the slicers themselves. Each has its own features that makes the part print differently. Cura is a basic slicer for basic parts but is the one I use the most. I make my parts typically work with Cura. Voxilizer has a multi-material capability, special support structure, and special infill settings allowing the part to be slightly more complex. Finally, IceSL is a prototype program that I use when I need parts to be printed at different temps or speeds or infill or shell count at specified locations of the part. Very complex parts are usually the ones I slice on here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Khronickreations Kreations Instagram or Twitter.


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