How your partner can be involved in breastfeeding

Hi parents! Being a parent is amazing, however knowing how you can be involved with breastfeeding as a parent her is sometimes challenging.

Since your partner chose to breastfeed they will be spending lots of time with The baby. Being a parent comes with several new responsibilities all at once. Being patient, helpful, and loving will help your partner achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Making any small gesture will really motivate and show your partner that you love and appreciate them. This includes an occasional hug, or taking over after a feeding so the mom can rest, or even keeping the breastfeeding area kept up.

Knowing how you can help be involved is a very important part of the breastfeeding process. Here are some tips on how you can be involved and helpful with breastfeeding.

~ A simple, but very helpful way you can be an asset to your partner is by tidying up around the house. By doing this you are showing your partner that you love and appreciate them, while taking an extra task off their tired hands.

~ While you are cleaning, go ahead and stock up those feeding areas. Be sure to include water, snacks, diapers, burp clothes, and extra clothes for mama & baby.

~ If you see your partner is struggling with breastfeeding, offer a break. Offer up a massage, nap, or just offer your other half “me” time. Doing this daily will not only result in her breastfeeding success but baby bonding time for yourself.

~ Maybe the two of you have another child or other children. You could keep them occupied by playing with them, feeding them, bathing them, and more! Anything to keep the little ones occupied so mama can have privacy while breastfeeding.

~ A really good way to show your partner you care is by taking care of yourself as well. Taking a daily dose of CBD pure oil is a sure way to achieve goals, stay focused, give you energy, & help relieve stress and anxiety. While you are at it offering some to your partner is always a good idea, especially after draining herself with a feeding. (:

~ While mama has already done research on breastfeeding, so can you! This is important because if she is having any troubles you can be educated and helpful.

Your support essentially plays a vital role in your partners breastfeeding success. Every little thing you do is seen and very much appreciated.

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