3D Printing – Bed leveling

Your machine can vary significantly from another, but nowadays most 3D printers will have some sort of auto bed-leveling in its program. But the lower dollar amount machines will not, unfortunately. I’m still rocking the Ender 3 Pro, and it does not have auto bed leveling. The next upgrade from Creality would be the CR-10. A large price difference from $220 to $1000, and still no auto bed leveling.

Alternatively you can add a simple device to both these machines and it will solve nearly all of your bed problems. The BLTouch is an amazing little probe like device that sits off the side of your print head. Before every print it finds X and Y 0 then goes to the center of the build space, spits out the lil guy till it is shot back up by the bed by moving Z down, locating a numerical value in space for what’s now ‘0,0,0’. Then will begin the print, if the layer is too high or low, you can hold your select wheel down to manipulate the Z difference from the BLTouch to the nozzle.

My recommendation is if your just trying to get in to printing get the Ender 3 Pro and do this little upgrade to it. Makes a whole load of a difference to user experience. If price isn’t a factor, get the CR-10 and upgrade it. This machine has such a smooth printing process so the quality is nearly unmatched. Both of these machines are simply examples and there are alternative machines you could do the same modification to as well, but I have personal experience with Creality machines and I love them.

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