Feeling guilty for having alone time?

Hey moms or mommas to be! Are you ready for this wonderful adventure?

People can try to prepare you for what it is like to be a mom as well as possible; but every momma is different.

There will be times that you just stumble across something unknown and feel alone. Well let me tell you that you are absolutely not alone. There are moms all over the world like me that are here to help you through it. To give you the tips that helped us through when we felt alone as well.

Feeling guilty is one situation that no one can properly prepare you for, and it can be tough to over-come such an emotion without the reassurance that you’re doing a great job and indeed, do deserve some mommy time.

There are days where you can feel so ready to conquer the world, new mom bod and all, and random emotions can stir. All of a sudden, with no rhyme or reason- guilt smacks you in the heart and knocks you down. It can show itself with the overwhelming sense that you aren’t doing enough. Whether you feel you’re not doing enough for the baby, or for your spouse, or keeping up with cleaning, all of the above at once, or any other responsibility you may have. It can keep you feeling like relaxation and regeneration isn’t okay and motivation is.

But, what you mommas should know is that you and baby NEED that time.

First of all, you need to feel human again; so telling yourself that you are “just a mom” that should deal with it can feel overwhelming. In reality that is absolutely not true. You are A human that needs to regenerate after creating, birthing, and raising a newborn. It is essential that you take time to step away and clear your mind when you can. This keeps you in a healthy mental space and allows your brain/body to heal.

Another tip I’d like to throw in is that your baby needs to be able to bond with others. This is important for the baby to help his/her brain develop. Try not to coddle so much that it effects the social skills, intelligence, and motor skills of your child at a young stage.

Now on to the good stuff: These tips kept me sane and helped me through my mommy guilt:

– 5 Minute Breathing

Taking a few minutes multiple times a day to sit in silence and breathe is amazing. If you feel stressed about the baby’s needs, or cleaning up, or learning new skills, or keeping up with responsibilities- taking five minutes can help you calm down and recently into a healthy mindset to get it done and then relax.

– Full rest + Naps

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Getting enough rest for you and baby is essential not only to healing well physically, but also to mental health. It helps you keep enough energy to go through new day to day responsibilities.

– Nutritional Diet

Eating crappy food will only keep your energy down and attitude up. Feed yourself (and your baby if you’re breastfeeding) food that has you feeling the best. Eat healthy proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and drink lots of water. Processed junk food will only make it harder for your body to heal, which allows you to feel grumpy. “Mommy time” includes insuring you eat energy boosting foods (and probably scrolling through Instagram or taking a bath too) so you feel your best.


This is a huge lifesaver for a new mommy. Not only will CBD Salve help heal scars and help with soreness from breastfeeding, but CBD Pure Oil is a wonderful anxiety reliever. Take it in the morning to ease morning sleepy ness, take it during play time to ease back pain, and take it at night to sleep fully and restlessly. Anytime anxiety or guilt spikes, just take come CBD and breathe for five minutes.

As a momma, the guilt you can hold is completely normal, but you are still human. We all need breaks from time to time to take care of ourselves! Remember you are beautiful, loved, inspirational, and SO strong! Go rock the world and be unstoppable mommas.

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