Sales Psychology

With the sales industry exponentially growing lately it’s important to use relevant skills to build a successful career.

Sales techniques differ from situation to situation, but ultimately go hand in hand no matter what.

Here are the bad ass tips we have formulated and executed in order to rock the sales market.

Don’t over sell-

Everything out of your mouth doesn’t have to be a selling point. Telling someone over and over again to “buy” will ultimately put off the wrong vibe and send them on their way. However, finding what their needs are and meeting those needs will have them walking out with a sale every time. Every person is different, so critique your sales pitch according to their Q’s.

Catch Awkward Moments-

During a sales call or meeting , there may be moments of awkward silence or stutters. How do you transition back into effective conversation? It’s not by adding a statement along the lines of “buy this”, but more effective if you ask about their needs, or talk about the relevant benefits for them, or even bring up casual conversation. Allow for an easy transition into conversation so as to continue selling to them what is relevant.

Up sell, up sell, up sell-

Each customer or prospect is an opportunity to sell a product. But most of the time, if the upsell is relevant they will happily walk out with more than one item. Upsells keep business’ bringing higher income from the customer base they have. It can turn 30 customers into 90 products sold instead of 30 if you’re using techniques every time. This brings way more revenue, and can save a business.

It’s all about the customer-

Sales is not about telling the person why they need to buy your product. It’s about what their needs are, what they are interested in, what product is most helpful to them, and how you can help them. This is what drives sales as well as a loyal community.


If you’re not confident in what you’re selling then how can the customer be confident making a safe purchase?

Know your stuff. Practice gratitude and healthy habits. Boost your own confidence and perfect your knowledge of the product/service you’re selling so you can confidently sell it with no stutters or mishaps. The customer will not buy if they’re not for sure that it s worth it and helpful and relevant. If the sales person doesn’t know about anything or have any confidence the sales process will be awkward and not usually end with a sale.


Use loyalty programs, coupons, sales and newsletters to keep customers coming back and enjoying your products. It is much easier to keep happy customers returning than it is to bring new customers in.

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