Health / Fitness Tips for A Busy Bee

Those of you that are like me and always on the go, I’ve got the best life tips for you. And actually, these will work for my couch potatoes as well.

I feel like becoming healthier is such a beautiful journey, and one that everyone should undergo. But it’s not always easy, and the tough factor isn’t always because of laziness or lack of motivation. Sometimes life is just so busy, that it’s literally easier to eat out or skip a workout or sleep a few hours less.

But we can’t consistently do that to our bodies or brain, so even us busy bee’s need to find little tricks and habits that implement a healthy lifestyle while staying motivated.

As a pet mom that owns a CBD Shop in Ohio, I know what it is like to take the easy route. But I also know that keeping healthy habits and little tricks to stay fit are actually easier in the long run because simply living feels easier.

I’ll tell you what, I do not like feeling bloated, tired, or angry because I didn’t eat well or sleep enough the day before. The extra time it takes to implement these tips has changed my life for the best.

Here are the tips I live by:

Drink Water

I know it’s over taught and typical, but I’m serious. Replace pop and sugar drinks with water. Drink tons of water every day all day. When you’re hungry drink water. When you wake up; drink water. This will clear your skin, give you energy, cleanse the body of toxins, and help you lose weight. You’ll notice that sugar drinks make you feel weighed down and uncomfortable, but you don’t usually notice until you stop drinking them for a while.

Do Yoga

Now, while yoga is incredibly important; I know it’s not something everyone finds easy or enjoyable. So I’ll tell you what. Just stretch. Stretch your arms, neck, legs, back and everything in between. Even for 60 seconds. This releases tension, keeps muscles healthy and functioning fully, and wakes you up. Stretching helps release tense areas while also allowing you to pinpoint which areas are suffering or painful.

Meditate Daily

Breathe, breathe twice, and breathe 50 times. Take even just five whole minutes to sit completely still, focus from head to toe on releasing tension, and breathe without thought. If you are a beginner it will take many sessions to be able to sit without thinking. But at first, just allow thoughts to flow while viewing them from a non biased point of view. Then…. let them go. Allow everything that surfaces to leave with balance, and once you’re totally refreshed: stand up feeling calm and refreshed. This is important to do every single day. Why? Because life brings tension. Every day bring anger, worry, happiness, stress, and more. It’s so important to not let things build up and meditation is like the Mucinex D that fights away the bad vibe booger’s. Keeping a calm, centered mind can motivate you to keep healthier weight loss habits.

Sleep Fully

Sleep is regeneration. And while I feel like with healthy habits, diet and lengthy daily meditation we could go 36+ hrs without sleep…. most people are far from capable of doing that. Regardless, you need 6-9 hrs of sleep every night to completely rest and regenerate. When you don’t get enough sleep for extended periods of time the body and brain stay stressed and exhausted. This breeds anger and bad habits. We’re trying to lose weight and feel great , right? So give yourself the energy you need to thrive!!

Lemon Water

We talked about water being awesome, but lemon packs a butt-load of benefits as well. Lemon aids weight loss and reduces acne. It also reduces toxins/mucus in the body. You can add a bunch of different herbs or fruits to your water (even veggies like cucumber) to detoxify, energize, and heal the body!

No Special Diet

Don’t kid yourself and pretend a strict diet is the way to lose weight. You can simply cut down the amount of calories, and cut out bad foods. Simple, right?

Remember that I am not a dietician, so I’m just going to suggest according to my experience. This is what I recommend, according to what has worked for me:

Lower the amount of meat

Increase the amount of vegetables

Implement fruits daily

– Replace sugar drinks for tons of water

Snack on healthier foods


CBD is a lifesaver. I use it everyday, all day. In the morning I take CBD Pure Oil to wake myself up and relax. I use CBD Salve during the day for back pain and CBD Flower for anxiety. At night, I use the CBD distillate to fall asleep, because I have troubles staying asleep. It has helped me lose weight, fight insane anxiety problems, improve my insomnia, and cure depression. I will always support CBD for natural treatment and believe you should try it for your mommy anxiety, back pain, eczema, or any other problem you can think of.

Lots of Fruits/ Veggies

I made a separate tab for this because it is so important to implement fruits and vegetables. They offer the proper nutrition for your body without the toxins. You can literally eat a plate full and intake less than 100 calories with certain vegetables. They are easy to cook and reheat, filling, and delicious.

Meal Prep for work

Meal prep makes life so easy. I am constantly running around working, cleaning, caring for my animals, trying to eat well and get enough sleep. I don’t have time to cook at all, so taking two hours to prep for four days saves my life. I can just grab what sounds good and eat on the go or at the office. I end up eating healthier, feeling full all day because I prepared snacks, and saving so much money.

Good luck on your fitness journey, my darling. We all deserve to be healthy and happy and I hope these tips help you find comfort. Namaste.

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