3D Printing “Strings”

Retraction sucks

I’ve tried for an entire year, many different test prints and many failed prints just to enhance my ability of printing. Retraction in my opinion is going to be one of the main reasons why 3d printing would make some not even entertain the idea of a printer. Not very much information is out there for retraction issues, so imma give y’all some basics to help get you in the right direction.

First of all, check your printing temperature, make sure the machine is not too hot for the type of filament your using. High temperature will make “strings” even with perfect retraction, (it should tell you optimum temp on the filament reel itself).

Second, your machine could be different and need slow retraction instead of a faster one. Exp. the Ender 3 series requires a slower retraction with a feed rate of 6mm with a speed of about 25mm/sec. While the Anet A8 will do with a feed rate of anywhere from 10mm to 4mm with a speed of 60mm/sec to 20mm/sec. Try and make the retraction settings allow retraction on parts to be less the .5mm, this allows the printer to retract even on small parts and the last small layer at the end of the print.

Third, check to see if your printer is traveling too fast, as the average print speed is approximately 60mm/sec. If your machine is moving too fast, your print quality will go way down and put more wear and tear on the printer for no reason. If the print is a small percentage of the build space or high detail, the print speed will have to be lower yet.

3D printing is a new technology to the standard consumer, so if you truly care or would like to get into the community, go ahead and try it. I love the process it takes to produce something. The enjoyment you get from thinking of a product/part, designing it, then putting it through your slicer and then WATCHING IT BE PRODUCED! So mesmerizing, and ego boosting.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips on 3d printing and follow my insta to see the process and progression of the community!



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