Why CBD is Perfect For Weight-Loss

Ahhhh, the weight loss journey that so many of us are taking recently just got a bit easier. CBD has been proven to be a beautiful remedy for hundreds of symptoms, so why is no one talking about the benefits for losing weight?

Here is what we think:

Anti-Inflammatory- The body naturally responds to affected areas by sending active immune cells to essentially “fix” the problem. These hormones are called cytokines; and when triggered, hormones like interferon and histamine are sent to the area depending on the problem. These cytokines agitate the nerve cells, causing pain in the body. This entire process is commonly known as Inflammation. Well, CBD & the endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in your hormones and immune responses. For example, in most cases of chronic pain, or autoimmune/neuropathic disorders occur because of an imbalance in the endocannabinoids which carry out the effect of the immune system signals. CBD strongly effects the vanilloid receptors, which mediate pain, as well as the glycinergic receptors which control the release of chemokines. This means that CBD essentially decreases the amount of chemokines released during an immune response, as well as raising the threshold at which the nerve cell will fire a “pain” signal to the brain.

Anxiety- Current anxiety medications, although widely used, are not good for your brain. They block the reabsorbtion of serotonin so it can have an increased availability in the senaptic space. This allows the brain to transmit more serotonin signals, which has been known to treat anxiety and depression. However, CBD can play a vital role in replacing these SSRIs. But please note that this is in the preclinical study phase and we do not yet have valid tests on humans. Essentially, CBD may be able to boost the signaling in serotonin receptors. It can inhance the 5-Ht1A transmission and may even effect serotonin faster than SSRIs. ( AND without the insanely horrible side effects of blocking them in the first place.)

Easily infused- CBD pure isolates are water and oil soluble. This means that you can simply put it into your daily drink, or food. You can easily infuse it with an indigestible oil. You can sprinkle it in your morning coffee, or in your dogs water dish. It is insanely easy to use.

Muscle relaxation- First, CBD lowers cortisol levels, which directly effect your stress levels. We all know that stress leads to major muscle tension. Things like exercise, work, heavy lifting, and more can create this tension as well. CBD can directly relieve the tension in muscles and help with pain symptoms. Especially when accompanied by massaging muscles, CBD can loosen and soothe.

Cellulite- Ahhhh, cellulite.. the bastard that makes thousands of women feel insecure about their beautiful thighs. Well, my friends. CBD can help. Found best to work in unison with other cannabinoids, the component cannabidoil is used for a wide range of skin benefits. It can stabilize sebum production, which helps with dry or oily skin. It can even help with acne as well; as when you stabilize sebum production you stabilize the acne producing oils. Cellulite specifically has to do with the connective tissue in the dermotological layer of skin and the fat deposits beneath it. When the fat cells protrude into the dermatological layers, it creates the appearance of cellulite. CBD can be used to improve cellulite areas, and help stop the lymphatic blockages in the first place. *****This is pre-clinical and not yet proven, if you find a study please forward it to us 🙂

Sleeping– CBD is known to improve insomnia, but because of it’s ability to aid in anxiety symptoms it tremendously helps with sleeping well. This is important because keeping your sleeping schedule on track is essential to a healthy brain and body health. The full sleep combined with a healthy diet and motivated day can all come together to aid with staying on track with weight loss.

So you see, grabbing yourself some CBD is probably an amazing idea if your delving into a weight loss journey, or even plan to 🙂



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