Psychology Of Selling

Sales jobs are an ever-expanding market that successful entrepreneurs are mastering in order to make millions. There are so many opportunities these days. Folks are making money affiliating products on Instagram to bring income through a loyal community.

Every step along the process of finding, meeting, and booking clients/ sales is just as important as closing the sale. We have had many experiences, good and bad alike, that have allowed us to formulate a set of very important tips to rock out sales like no body’s business. Certain words and habits can end up reverting any comfort-ability that a customer may have gained, and change their mind completely.

Closing a sale:

There are many practices and techniques for closing a sale properly. These tips can differ for phone calls or in-person sales, but the general rules apply.

  • Important word choices:

Contract Agreement: The general reaction to the word “contract” is usually uncomfortable. This this term implies permanent finality and can scare away prospects that are almost ready to seal the deal. “Agreement” makes the paperwork a little more easy to digest. It doesn’t sound so final, it more sounds like a positive agreeing to making more money.

“Sorry”: Do not say any sentence similar to the term “sorry” or “sorry to bother you” This implies annoyance ahead.

“Money”: Be careful saying this term. Walking a client into a sale can come to a screeching halt if the term is thrown around too much, because it can give off a “pushy/selling” vibe, instead of an “exchange of networking”

“We can do it next time” DO NOT SLEEP ON A SALE. We once had a client that was so ready for our services he was willing to give $500 down right then just to solidify our contract. But, we didn’t have a contract ready, and he wasn’t answering every question we needed to formulate a set price/structure for his tailored services. So, we told him we would “move forward next time we met.” So we could properly prepare.

You know what happened?

It ended up being “Next time” everytime.

So, do yourself a favor, and take the down payment. Close the sale, and then do the paperwork tomorrow. That means they will sign the agreement and move forward with services.

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Know your worth:

You know your skill level. If you’re knowledgeable and have a few clients: charge a lot. If you know a lot and have tons of experience: charge a lot. If you’re making a ton: charge high dollar tickets. You deserve to make $25+ per hour for marketing for another company. There’s no reason to cut yourself short. The widely known minimum is $1000 to run ads for someone or conduct their social media posting. We all know it’s a long job; with many skills needed. So; pay yourself what you deserve. Think about it; If you’re charging $5,000+ then you’re making $100-125 per hour for a 40hr work month. OR, if the job entitles many more hours it’s still worth your time. However, keep in mind that a $5,000 job is way more than a $1000 job; so only when you’re experienced (say; 10-15 consistent clients) can you charge the $5,000 and up.

Have a plan:

Prepare intelligent answers to possible questions or concerns. Practice your selling structure. Prepare the correct questions. Do research on each client to prepare relevant tips and service possibilities tailored to their needs.

There are psychological tactics to allow a prospect-able client to feel that they need the product/service. The easiest way to bring this realization about is to ask them the correct questions. Find what they think they need to run a successful business, find where they are willing to expand, find the leaks in their methods, offer knowledge and tactics to improve those leaks, and seal the deal with the perfect plan.

At the end of the sales call/meeting; throw out a great finishing question, completely tailored to their needs and comfort-ability. One that leaves them excited, comfortable and knowledgeable about what happens next.

For example, “You’re telling me that need increasing sales brought to you, without a ton of extra work. The best way I’ve found success in doing this is utilizing the ads we’ve talked about. I suggest _____ & ____ as starting platforms for the highest impressions for your business. Would you like to move forward with me, and see new customers starting tomorrow?” This is a small summary of a sales meeting, but an over-all great question to wrap things up once you know what they need.

Always practice gratitude:

Practicing gratitude is a total #lifetip, and should be used at all moments of the day. Working as a salesman is the best opportunity to practice thankfulness, too. You can’t close a sale if you’re not confident and happy; right?

So, think about this: Being thankful is a great way to bring up the spirits of those around you (i.e. a client), as well as yourself. Allowing only positive thoughts, words, and thankful habits can uplift your own mood to heights that bring amazing days no matter the experiences. This makes sales so much easier; and usually more fun. Tell yourself you’re the best in your business. No; the city. No; the state. No; the COUNTRY.

Sooner or later, you’ll believe it, make steps towards manifesting it and you just may see yourself as the top salesman/saleswoman in the country.

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If they are dumb, fake it:

Hey, man… We’ve all done it, right?

Even Tai Lopez has accidentally told a prospect-able client that they were dumb… *oops*

I mean, what else are you supposed to say when someone who has zero knowledge about marketing properly, zero motivation to improve the client base and income of their business, and zero respect for someone trying to kindly inform them of the amazing possibilities of switching to new and improved marketing tactics?

Some times… you accidentally call them dumb.

And maybe it was just by explaining the knowledge of these profitable tactics, or maybe it was by questioning their motivation and knowledge about running a business… again, *oops*

We all learned our lesson and switched up the sales tactics we use in order to tip toe around people like that and bring up their spirits and knowledge in a kind, non-egotistical way. This bring more sales around, instead of leaking out every opportunity because someone doesn’t understand.

There is a few parts to this series, and I can’t wait to give you our next set of sale-closing tips. I hope this helped. Namaste.


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