[10k+] in ONE month? Can YOU handle it?

Millions of folks are discovering that working for yourself is way more worth it than working under another. There is trillions of dollars circulating America and the opportunity to monetize on that is growing day-by-day, so why work a minimum wage job that makes you want to pull out hair?

But what does it actually take to become a successful entrepreneur?

Most people just do not expect the craziness that ensues after choosing this path, and give up way too soon. You see, the trick is: You CAN handle it; and we’re here to prepare you mentally for the path you’ve set forth.


Being an entrepreneur does not entitle spending zero time working. It does not mean you get to spend every waking moment relaxing. Believe it or not; there’s a ton of work involved. There is so many challenges, tons of information to learn & apply, and more work than you expect until you can hire entire teams to do it for you. You have to do the job of 12 men yourself, until you can pay someone else to.

Even then; a hired team can’t cover the job of owning & running a company and sets of employee’s. You will still conduct meeting, contract clients, hire people, fire people, schedule/decide company projects and operations… and more.

My #1 tip? Consistently improve yourself with motivational habits to keep yourself in check. Keep a schedule that benefits you and your business. Stay hydrated and healthy. Eat nutritious foods. Meditate.

Every day as an entrepreneur should be spent doing some work and some play. Every day is an opportunity to grow, learn & profit. Waking up to $5,000 and 100 opportunities to snap your fingers and make more should never breed a lazy person, but a motivated one. This is how you prosper long-term.

Do NOT be friggin lazy. Understand that you are a BOSS and you need to act like it. Find what motivates you through tough and lazy times so you can always build your dreams.

Open To Change

You know what you can’t do?

You can’t think that business will stay the same. People who are afraid of change aren’t meant for this business.

The market changes, psychology changes, income changes, marketing tactics need change, insights change, demand changes, and more. New opportunities will consistently come along and investments will turn huge profits; just as much as investments will fade out of being worth it or completely fail.

It is essential to take time every day, every week, every month, and every year to formulate a relevant plan for your business. Gather the team and decide what is working as well as what is not.

Decide where you want to expand and how to do it properly. Reconsider certain avenues and improve the weak spots. Plan new projects, try new marketing tactics, branch to a new partner, or whatever is needed for your genre of business. Stagnation breeds stagnant growth and success, which never allows a business to prosper long-term.

Withstand Pain

Guess what? Failure is inevitable.

It is painful to see a failed investment or stagnation period in sales/ community loyalty. It is painful to not close a deal. It is painful to see a product not sell. It is painful to have a website crash or an advertising account with $100’s invested shut down randomly.

You MUST endure painful challenges.

They happen in divine timing to teach you new lessons/knowledge and to push you in the direction that will most benefit you. If you cannot handle these painful failure’s; do not become an entrepreneur. Nothing is perfect.

The #1 entrepreneurs take failure’s as a motivation to re-direct and build even better in another avenue.

Follow The Market

What has worked in the past will not always work in the future.

The market is ever changing and it is very important to ride the waves. You can’t be the entrepreneur/business using old techniques and not growing the income or statistics continually.

For example, you shouldn’t keep running ads to the same demographic once income slows down.

Or, if your social page followers are dropping, then it’s time to change up techniques. A certain city may not have a market for folks looking to buy your product. The same product that sold 100,000 times in a state may not have as many available buyers after a while in that area. This will show in statistics. What do you do? Change up the area.

These are small examples, but they carry a huge message and are relevant to any career. We talked about change and how it is a great thing; well, this is another part to that lesson. Always change techniques, ads, branding, products, delivery, and more to always improve.

There are tools available to see the success insights of each investment, so use them! The most popular we use is Social media ads, or plugins for our site.

Healthy Habits

Look at every “rich” person today, and how they live their life.

They are waking up early, eating a healthy diet, drinking tons of water, performing yoga, practicing gratitude and meditation, and cutting out harmful addictions.

Very rarely do you see a well-off individual that sleeps all day, eats junk food etc. So if you carry unhealthy habits, a huge part to becoming successful is to make changes immediately and continuously to yourself. Always improve your diet, your mental clarity, and life. Always meditate and manifest with love and positivity. Always build healthy relationships that keep you loved and surrounded with only good vibes.

I believe this is the easiest and also the most difficult tip available.


Well… It is technically very easy to make these healthful changes, but for some it is incredibly hard to filter out habits + people that effect them negatively; especially when they do not believe they should.

Here’s a secret: It feels GOOD to be healthy. It feels GREAT to enjoy the morning hours of the day working and the afternoon playing. It feels AMAZING to eat foods that help your body/brain/soul thrive. It feels FANTASTIC to leave negative relationships behind and allow loving motivated people around you.

What makes you feel the best?

In It For The Money

Are you in this for money? Get out.

Seriously; half the time that mindset will run you into the ground.

For example, making every decision based on “how much profit is available” will not build a loyal community. It will not bring happiness to customers or your employees.

A boss that only runs a company for “money” usually doesn’t care about over-working employees, because they want every job done ASAP to schedule another. They do not care about giving holidays. They do not show compassion to frustrated customers. They are less willing to replace a bad product for free.

Don’t get me wrong; people who are “in it for money” can end up rich. But they’re probably pretty lonely…

By keeping your intention filled with love and positive vibes, you are more willing to let go of a profitable decision that wasn’t the best; or show care to customers/employees; or build a loving community.

Running the business becomes more about helping the community than making money moves. This will build loyalty and success around a company like no other. It will allow less stress in stagnant moments as well.


So basically, here’s a simple breakdown of what it takes to become a millionaire. Because this shit doesn’t just take morale. It takes knowledge and action.

But, what actions?

  1. Multiple income streams

Every entrepreneur that finds major success is building multiple income streams. Many investments can be passive income, and some need consistent care. But folks who look at 6 figures or more are adamant on 4-9+ income streams at all times.

There are many options. A few of the most popular include:

  • Investing in crypto-currencies, stocks, bonds
  • Investing in Real Estate (flipping homes, renting homes, air B&B homes/ apartments)
  • Compounding Investments (Launching an ebook, launching a service, launching ads, launching a training)
  • Launch a product line
  • Pick up a clientele for your skills

2. Proper Marketing

No matter what type of investments you make or business you build; marketing is essential to bringing leads and sales.

There are many popular ways to successfully do so, and many of the fortune 500 companies we all recognize today use every method we’ve talked about + more.

What skills are recommended to properly market your idea?

3. Management Skills

You will always need to manage a team once things take off. Plus, the skills required to manage are needed while building your business alone at first anyways.

Throughout the process of building any successful business you will need to pitch ideas, conduct successful meetings, close sales, stick to schedules, train employees, build a community, and more.

What do the top millionaires practice in order to be a great manager of their business?

  • Seeing the completion of projects
  • People skills: including public speaking, running meetings, training employees, keeping up team etiquette, and project management
  • Organization
  • Accounting
  • Sales knowledge
  • Be a Leader, not a follower

4. Build a Business

Weve mentioned owning some sort of business throughout this blog, but what are your available options?

These are just a few of the successful income streams that we have started.

  • E-commerce third party selling
  • Start a product line
  • Crypto-currency trading services
  • Marketing Services
  • Any other business: including general contracting, website building, etc
  • Training Services

Thank you all for reading. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our content on PseudoPharm.comYoutube, and TheWeedTube.


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