Pseudo Pharm CBD Soap


This unbelievable soap packs tremendous health benefits. Made with organic Shea butter, Coconut oil, hemp oil, and sunflower oil. Scented with a sweet orange essential oil producing a beautiful aroma with every use, as well as skin health. Every bar contains 60mg of CBD giving these bars healing benefits other bars just don’t have. Our normal CBD bars are only 35mg, and these are a limited edition, only available until they’re gone.


Pseudo Pharm 60 mg CBD soap applies smoothly to the skin instantly revitalizing and restoring moisture. The more you scrub the more bubbly it becomes, leaving behind a fresh orange scent and clean feel. Pseudo Pharm soap is an excellent way to clean your entire body, without leaving you feeling greasy. With 60mg of CBD every use helps relax tense muscles (particularly when used on hands) while helping soothe and reverse dry skin. All natural and organic ingredients ensures the highest quality soap, making sure no additives or extra chemicals ever touch your body. Pseudo Pharm 60 mg soap is truly a new twist on soap with added CBD, but an excellent way to stay clean and feel good. Real Good.

Our products are finally live on our website and I can’t believe it!!!


We now have available:

-CBD Flower

-CBD topicals: salve, soap, bath bombs, vape juice, lip balm

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