Pseudo Pharm CBD Salve


Pseudo Pharm CBD Salve is Organic, Unscented, and made with so much love. Made with coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, unrefined bee’s wax, hemp oil, and 8mg CBD Isolate each. The ingredients are all used for skin health, vitamin replenishment, detoxification and moisture. Use this little bottle of deliciousness for anything you can think of!


Pseudo Pharm Salve is an amazing oil for pain and revitalizing skin. Easy to use and apply, pseudo pharm salve can be applied anywhere, whenever needed. Using all organic oils provides a chemical free and safe way to heal skin and provide relief to sore areas. Use this Salve to rub into sore muscles or apply to dry spots to aid in healing. With so many wonderful uses Pseudo Pharm CBD Salve is a must for those every day moments.

Our products are finally live on our website and I can’t believe it!!!


We now have available:

-CBD Flower

-CBD topicals: salve, soap, bath bombs, vape juice, lip balm

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