“Space Melon CBD Flower” by Pseudo Pharm LLC Review.

CBD flower is a purely Hemp based product, that is used for pain management, anxiety, insomnia, and other ailments. The cool thing about this flower is that there is zero psychoactive “high” effects, so this is great while we work all day. I like to be fully focused and motivated, while calming my anxiety and PCOS symptoms. This definitely does the trick. This is our review of the new “Space Melon” CBD Flower, by Pseudo Pharm.

This flower is amazing. We tried a CBD flower from the local head-shop, Word Of Mouth, and it just was not good. It was shake-y, full of trim, brown as heck, and full of seeds.

Fortunately, this strain has been much better! We experienced a green/brown/purple mix colored flower, with a sweet + outdoor smell. There was no seeds, and it felt awesome. You could tell it was grown organically outdoors, because most buds were small, dense pop-corns.

The break down and smoke of this product are exceptional, and the after-effect is relaxing. Our muscles felt loose and relaxed (we are daily runners), my anxiety was fully calmed, my focused was not effected, and my energy was happy.

8/10 rating, for sure. The only thing I’d like to see is a prettier color & higher crystal coverage, but on the ranks of available CBD Hemp Flowers around here; this is amazing.

I want to thank everyone who supported our CBD Flower/ Website launch. We have waited and worked hard for years to recover from a site shutdown and regain availability to sell CBD on our website (which is not readily available at all to most companies, and it takes tons of certifications and a proper site and lots of paperwork).

After giving our products to everyone in the local areas personally, we are ready to offer our community a place to shop regularly online. Our website has had over 2,000 homie’s waiting patiently for this, and we love you so much. THANK YOU for supporting us along the way.

CBD has been used to help with:

  • scars
  • anxiety/insomnia
  • period cramps
  • rheumatism and arthritis
  • migraine and head pain
  • dermatitis and psoriasis
  • muscle pain and spasticity
  • menstruation pain and cramps
  • wounds, acne, pimples, corns
  • cold sores
  • lip balm
  • burns (even 2nd degree)
  • analgesic effects
  • relaxation of muscles and other body tissue
  • regeneration of body tissue
  • back pain
  • phlebitis, venous ulcerations
  • hemorrhoids
  • insect bites
  • eczema
  • scarring
  • cold/sore throat
  • asthmatic problems
  • muscle knots

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