3 Boss-Babe Beauty Tips from a Hippie

Every one loves a good beauty hack. I see them online all the time and keep each favored one in the back pocket of my mental. But what about beauty hacks that naturally glamify your body?

We live in a society that monetizes on making the community feel like products make them better; so most beauty hacks utilize some sort of treatments or chemical products. They do not all have to, though. Sometimes the natural hacks are the best hacks, and I’m here to testify to their greatness.

  1. Water is the best cleanser

Let me put it this way: If water can make stone recede, then it can clean sweat and skin off of your face. You feel me?

If you wash your hands with soap, rinse them clean, and just use running water to clean your face in the shower at least once to twice a day- you should be just fine. If you do this only once, be sure to supplement with a hot water rag to wipe your face clean once more each day.

Seems simple, right?

If you have dry skin: use a light oil (like rosehip, argan, or coconut) on your skin to replenish the oils and stop dry skin. The water will wash away excess junk so well that it can still dry your skin; so if you notice a little afterward tightness, a light oil application usually suits best.

If you have oily skin: the water will be plenty to wash off excess oils and build-up. Just be sure to wipe your face with clean hands or a clean towel and water until all oils feel washed away. This will help not to over dry the skin. This prevents excess oil production as well as negates the need for moisturizing.

2. Natural oils are the bomb

Who needs a mainstream moisturizer when coconut oil and shea butter exist? Natural oils offer cell reproduction, acne treatment, spf, moisture, free radical block, and more! Here are our favorites and why:

  • Sunflower Oil: Source of Vitamin E, rich in Antioxidants, emollient properties that help skin retain moisture, helps with acne/inflammation/redness
  • Shea Butter: Anti-aging, Anti-free radical, restores elasticity, reduces stretch marks, soothes skin irritation, majorly moisturizing
  • Coconut Oil: Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, reduces skin irritation, anti-fungal, moisturizing, contains Vitamin E & A
  • Hemp Oil:Contains Linoleic and Oleic acids which aren’t produced by the body but are essential for anti-aging, reduces wrinkles, removes dirt and grime from skin, dissolves excess sebum in pores, prevents acne, reduces pores, moisturizes without clogging, relieves skin irritation/inflammation, improves psoriasis symptoms
  • Argan Oil: Good for use on all skin types, not too heavy or too light, contains lenoleic acids/ omega fatty acids/ Vitamin E, reduces acne, softens skin & dry patches
  • Rosehip Oil: Contains Vitamin A and fatty acids, promotes skin regeneration, improves permeability and flexibility of skin- thus improving scars, stretch marks, acne and more

3. Natural hair is the best hair

I know, I know- sometimes you just hate how the one section doesn’t curl/ sit straight, or the dull color, or the texture, etc. But you know what is truly beautiful?

The uniqueness of your beauty.

I know for a fact that unless someones hair is completely torn up and not brushed or washed- no one thinks it’s gross but you. Your natural hair is beautiful. Why? Because no one else has a color like yours. No one else has curls like yours, or straight hair that naturally styles itself. You are unique and beautiful.

I used to despise my hair, and want it dark. I wanted it short, then long again, then short, then long. I’d go dark every summer and blonde every winter. But you know what I’ve discovered?

That through all of the hacking at my hair; I was not only killing my brain with chemicals, but also my hair. I realized that the natural color I was born with is amazingly beautiful and unique. I cant even describe it because it is so many different colors. It seems gold in the light, but looks deeper blonde/gold in different lights. If you look close there is white, blonde, gold, auburn, red and more. So why did I ever change it?

Well, I know the answer: society. LOL.

So Tip #3 is to stop damaging your hair and appreciate its natural beauty. Add some leave in conditioner so the curls stay curled with minimal frizz. Add a light argan oil to your straight hair to keep frizz down and add a half pony. Use natural lemon juice to lighten your hair ever-so-slightly.

Use a blow dryer on the cold setting to dry naturally, quickly, and without frizz.

These simple tips can save your hair, and hopefully over time allow you to appreciate and properly work with your hair, instead of against it.

As you can see, there are many ways to heal the parts of ourselves we dislike. There are ways to bring out the natural beauty we naturally emit. Chemicals, makeup, moisturizers, washes and masks can create a bigger problem and often worsen the frustrating characteristics of our body.

What is your favorite natural beauty tip? Tell us on Instagram!

That’s it for now, girls! Stay tuned for part: 2, but I hope this helps and encourages you to love your natural beauty!

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