Crypto Markets Sideways Consolidating on Up Trend + Expected Wave?

Today we have seen exactly what the news suspected; a sideways consolidation. What’s cool about it is that we are seeing an uptrend through the day.

Many investors got out at the last peak, and have been patiently waiting for a rally point. We have seen a gigantic dip in the market caps because of this mixed with FOMO. The general community and newcomers are taking advantage of the new lows and buying back in; but there is obviously a group that is watching for the best time to re-invest and profit the highest amount possible. This means there is billions of dollars waiting to filter back in.

We know how much money is circulating the market, and it’s all still missing. So what’s going to happen if it all filters back in either over time or all at once?

A huge jump.

Think about it. If there is a huge dip in the market, it can scare many un-seasoned investors. But most of the community is used to it, and knows to hold or wait patiently. This actually allows for a lot of newcomers, because they had the opportunity to see the potential, and then a fantastic time to buy in right after. (Much like this recent 25% dip)

So what is expected to happen? There are many assumptions, according to different algorithmic techniques such as MACD charts, FOMO tendencies, Elliot waves, Fibonacci Spirals, yearly trend correlations, parabolas, and more. These charts suggest a possible uptrend all the way to $20,000 or even higher, but they also leave room for possibility of a large dip. But even the suggestions of a large dip end in a report of an expected rise in price.

So basically, we’re seeing a considerable amount of reason to invest in Bitcoin and top ALT coins, regardless of what we think may happen.

We were suggesting investing into ChainLink recently, and then the currency saw extreme gains, to which we missed out on.

You can use the tools we use to hold/trade/watch/predict crypto-currencies if you’d like. We use Coinbase for initial buys and certain trades, we use Bittrex for watching all markets and seeing a further in-depth reading of what the markets are doing in real time.

What do you think will happen in the short-term and long term? Let Us Know!


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