Reach Over 500,000+ Impressions Through Tailwind + Pinterest

We have all spent countless hours trying to find ways to get our blogs to thousands of people, right?

Or is that just me?

Well, After a cubic shit ton of research mixed with trial and error; I found the golden ticket. I want to show you guys exactly how I reached over 500,000 readers through Pinterest and Tailwind.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a simple-to-use sharing platform, where users can share their favorite photos, art, blogs, products, and more. Marketers and bloggers take major advantage of creating aesthetic and relevant content that users will enjoy.

If done right, Pinterest is a huge marketing advantage. You can track analytics for your account and SEO each post very well within the platform. Also, most websites offer an integrated system of “tagging” uploaded photos to be able to share to Pinterest with the click of a button whether or not it is on the platform already. It can be hard to beat the algorithms of this platform though, if you aren’t getting enough views, likes, and re-pins.

It can be very helpful to join “group boards” so you can post on forums that already have activity and an engaged following. But as a new account, it can be tough to find acceptance within the experienced “group” communities when they want every user that joins to have a following to contribute.

So, how do you get high re-pins and impressions with a low-follow account?

Well, that’s where this amazing wonder-app, Tailwind, comes into play.

No matter how new your account is, Tailwind will show your best posts to thousands of users if you use the platform right.

What is Tailwind?

This is a platform that you can utilize to share your top blogs to “Tribes” that are filled with users that carry a heavy following under their name. Once you share your content to a tribe, the users can share your post to their post schedule, thus allowing it to reach 1000s to millions of their followers.

You can even make your own tribe and promote it to gain a large group and have direct access to shares!

Do you want to know what the best part is?

The first month is free, AND they are offering our readers a $30 credit!!

So, What strategies did I use?

Sharing consistently

Make sure you keep your algorithms in line with what the platform wants to see. This includes posting consistently, and building multiple niche boards. I suggest setting up boards for the most popular topics on the platform & within your genre. It was hard for me to post so regularly, so I use Tailwind’s Smartloop feature to set up pre-planned posts throughout the entire month.

Using SEO

This includes using hashtags, Tribes, links, linked photos, google SEO, and more. Put the blog on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more. This will allow your articles to pop up in multiple places and compound more readers over time.

Sharing the love

It is important to share love to other influencers and bloggers. Share their content, leave comments, and like every good post you see. This is especially important on Tailwind, because the more love you show on a Tribe, the more shares you will be provided with and thus reach thousands more readers. If you run social media accounts, be sure to share love there as well to build a loyal community and network with other influencers/companies.

The Best Tribes

  • Blogging Viral
  • Bloggers Unite Tribe
  • Blogging Friends Pins
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing

Always read the rules

Each Tribe has specific rules, set up by the Tribe creator. These are often slightly similar, but there is always a few extra rules differing between each Tribe. Be sure to read and follow each board’s rules, to ensure permanent access, and to become part of each community, where you will see new friends sharing for you over time.

Compound Success + SmartLooping

Over time, if you consistently share and SEO your content, especially on Tailwind, you will see more and more viewers. This is because the higher amount of views pushes your content to the top searches/feeds of internet users. This shows especially true when if you tend to share on multiple platforms.

It can be incredibly hard to post as consistently as suggested, but luckily Tailwind has an integrated system called “SmartLoop” that allows users to set a schedule for a month in the future. This honestly saves me hours and hours of time. You can change the posts in the loop, the consistency of posting, the times of posting, and more. I wish I knew sooner of this life saver.

How have you found success with Tailwind? Are you new to the community? Share with us!


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