Bitcoin Up Over $2,000 Despite Plunge

So, are you sweating too?

Yesterday the news headlines and community was expecting to continue a state of parabolic upward growth to $20,000 or more. However, starting around 8am this morning, the news headlines were reading “Bitcoin Plunges” and we saw a huge FOMO market kick in.

Now we are dancing around $11,000 and every one is chewing nails. The news really caused a community wide scare, but if you are an avid believer in trends; there is hope.

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Since mid February, Bitcoin has seen an upward trend. However, with each peak there is a balanced low point. And what experts have been considering all day during LIVE streams on Youtube (our favorite is Crypto Zombie) is that every dip see’s a rally point up with another following dip. That means there is room to re-cooperate.

Many still suspect a huge jump. The entire market is down billions, and do you know what comes after a huge sell-out?

A huge number of whales, institutions, and experienced traders are waiting to come back with force after the drop seems to level back out.

This means a huge possibility for the jump to $20,000 like so many are hoping for.

But there is also the possibility of an oncoming “ALT Season,” which suggests that most of the market will switch to the top/stable ALT coins, and rise the market by 5-35% at least. This will give way for the traders that didn’t follow the market into BTC initially. You can take head of the profitability by starting an account on Coinbase. It only takes a few minutes!

But where will the market really go?

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Bitcoin Up Over $2,000 Despite Plunge

  1. We think there will be a spike and another profitable drop…. which will trigger a huge FOMO upwards. Maybe $20,000 this weekend is possible. What do you think?

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