7 Ways to Reduce Fortnite Lag

When it comes to playing Fortnite there are many skills a player must learn. Throughout the learning process there are many diverse challenges that one must overcome. However, for some, overcoming challenges can be harder than it needs to be. For many players having poor internet connections or below par computers can drastically affect ones ability to learn quickly. Luckily there several things that can be done to help reduce lag and latency in Fortnite. Below are 7 ways to help improve Fortnite lag. Listed by each suggestion is a rating based on effectiveness.

1.Direct Connection (2/5)

When it comes to gaming having a stable internet connection is essential. For many players using WiFi is the most viable option. However, Finding a Ethernet cable and directly connecting to your modem can provide a more stable connection and help reduce lag. Directly connecting to your modem also has the potential to lower latency allowing for better response times.

2. Shut Off Background Applications (2/5)

Experiencing lag can come from many sources. One of the many reasons lag might occur is due to running background applications. Many gamer’s have extra programs downloaded to improve communication, monitor computer temperature and more. Often times Lag can occur because too many processes are happening at once. For players with highly upgraded computers this might seldom be an issue. However, players whom are not as fortunate might need to quit or force stop certain background applications in order to improve performance.

3. Lower In-Game Settings (3/5)

As simple as it may be, lowering in-game graphics settings can drastically improve lag and overall quality of Fortnite. For many players playing on max setting is a testament to their computer quality. However, many computers are not optimized to run at max settings. Playing at the lowest graphic settings can improve lag and reduce the work load of your graphics card. Even running the best graphics cards does not mean max settings are the best option. In fact many pro’s play on reduced settings to improve reaction times and rendering speeds. players should aim to have between 60 and 144 fps consistently if your settings are not keeping within the values reduce your settings further.

4. Windowed Mode (3/5)

If playing Fortnite in full screen mode with reduced graphic settings does not provide relief from lag try windowed mode. Windowed mode will put less strain on your graphics card and CPU this combined with lowered graphic settings will hopefully reduce overall lag.

5. Overclocking (4/5)

For player looking to improve the overall quality of Fortnite and experience less glitching, hitching and lag, Overclocking your CPU and Graphic card can greatly improve your computers ability to process information faster. However, Overclocking can only be done with specific graphics cards and CPU’s without causing damage to your computer. Before doing any overclocking be sure to check your computers abilities to be overclocked.

6. Upgrade internet (4/5)

Unfortunately, in some cases upgrading your internet might be the only way to help improve lag. For players who already have top of the line computers but still have below 100MB internet experiencing lag can be inevitable. Purchasing an internet plan specifically for gaming or business can drastically improve your chance of not experiencing lag.

7. Computer Upgrade (5/5)

Though expensive and not always the most viable option, Upgrading your computer can greatly impact your ability to combat lag. For some, Upgrades might be less costly as many higher end computer parts have decreased in price, but not every computer needs the same things. Upgrades to graphics and CPU will often times provide the best results, however Ram and power supply issues can cause lag and are often less expensive upgrades.

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