Fortnite “Storm Flip” Item Speculation and Potential Uses.

Since Season 5 of Fortnite there has been speculation of an item coming to the game that would give the user control of the storm. Well that day has finally come, On June 3rd Fortnite updated its news section revealing the mysterious “Storm Flip” item. What makes this item so mysterious is that no one knows exactly how it works yet. However we have some pretty good ideas of how it might work and we would love to share.

The Storm Flip item reads “unleash the storm or tame it, the choice is yours.” Based on the description the storm flip item seems to have multiple functions but how each function will work is unknown.

Speculation 1:

The storm Flip item will allow its user to throw a grenade much like a stink bomb causing a storm to localize and do damage over time. The question remains on its overall duration and damage. On the flip side the item might also be able to reduce the effects of the storm. The storm flip might cause a dome of untainted land to appear within a storm zone creating more diverse end zones or allow for extra time to heal while caught in the storm.

Speculation 2:

The storm flip item will allow the user to carry an empty bottle which will allow the user to move within the storm without taking damage until the bottle becomes completely full with storm. Once the jar is full the user will continue to take damage in the storm however the jar could then double as throw able item capable of unleashing the collected storm.

Speculation 3:

The storm flip item would allow the user to throw a grenade that would unleash the storm for unlimited amount of time rendering an area permanently blocked by storm. In reverse, it would render a storm zone to normal however as the next storm moves in, that new area would be retaken preventing permanent safe zones.

With Fortnite constantly changing the meta and making the game more diverse it was only a matter of time before an item like the storm flip came to be. With so many different ways to speculate we can only imagine the power of such a mysterious item.

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