Why FB Ads is “Booty”

Yes, I’ve officially called out Facebook. The platform has grown to intense heights and now hosts millions of consumers. 1000s of business’ are utilizing the integrated marketing platform to run ads to possible customers or followers. This is something that many have found useful, or strive to figure out.

It takes a ton of research and knowledge to figure out to how monetize on the ads in the most profitable way. But once you’ve got it down; the money is endless.

More recently, we’ve discovered just how booty-cheeks this platform can actually be. First of all, they’ve eliminated the customer service section of the company altogether. They bought out Instagram and shut down the service desks. If your Instagram or Ads account is shut down due to algorithmic mistakes; there is an entire scavenger hunt of calls and emails to go through just to find out that the program doesn’t exist.

Not only that, but Facebook carries so many tight-knit policies that someone even got shut down for a “clean smile” on the model in their ad photo. Why? Because apparently it infringes on the self -esteems of certain consumers.

We were shut down for a video ad that had one single clip of a CBD vape juice we carry, and BOOM. Account gone.

We created another ad account, with zero violations and ran ads that were up to policy, and yet again; we were shut down. After wasting over $300 on Facebook ads… I’m done for a while.

The system can be in favor of users in certain lights; considering 100s of people are making over $100,000 per month with the right ads. But for those who make one mistake; it’s over.

We will no longer be running product Ads, or brand awareness ads for our company. We will one day create new accounts and try again once we launch our training courses and webinars; but until that day I will not touch Facebook with a ten foot pole.

I know that there are hundreds of people on the same boat as us, who have pooled hundreds of dollars into this platform to figure out how to run perfect ads and make income, but who have woken up one day to a deactivated account and hundreds of dollars wasted. Those who have pushed and fought through the tough algorithms that hide their content from followers; just to see a smack to the face.

So what do we do about this? Apparently nothing; considering every customer service desk is non-existent anymore. Unfortunately they can get away with it for ever until one day someone has millions to sue them properly and force them to re-launch their help desks.

At least integrate a human based system to communicate with users about the algorithmic mistakes, right?

Who’s with me?? Please share this blog to spread the message and support the movement for Facebook to run their company fairly.

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