Faze Lies? Tfue Right?

If you haven’t already heard because living under a rock is more fun or you’ve just been busy then boy oh boy have you missed a lot. On May 20th Famous Fortnite pro Tfue opened a law suit against Faze Clan. For all the details regarding the situation you can view our blog titled, “We have the Contract. Tfue vs Faze.” However, more details have emerged and the situation continues to get weirder.

May 23rd 2019

Right when things seemed to have finally reach a tipping point more information became available. Late on May 23rd Faze Clan released another Youtube response calling out Tfue and describing their overall business relationship with him. In the video Faze member “Cbass” discusses the relationship Tfue had with Faze and its members, while laying out the fact that Tfue Seemed unwilling to sign any more contracts regarding Faze. Cbass continues to explain how no money was ever taken from Tfue despite his contract but his refusal to renew under new circumstances had proven challenging. After describing several instances where no progress was made regarding contracts, Faze CEO Lee Trink chimed in. He continues to explain that despite all efforts Tfue refused new contracts. The video then goes to show text messages from Faze to Tfue in efforts to renew his contract. Most of these text were left open ended with no response. Near the end of the video Messages between Keem from DramaAlert and Jack Tenny (Tfue’s brother) were displayed. In these messages. Jack details exactly why Tfue wanted out, He wanted to create his own organization for gaming. Lee then address this issue claiming that no team whether it be online or off would ever allow such a thing. claiming it be no different from an NFL star creating a competing team. Soon after the video ends with the overall impression Tfue had really done Faze wrong. Here is a link to the video in case you missed it. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyAMwj-mUcA

May 24th, 2019

After youtube and the greater Fortnite community had analyzed the Faze video many more opinions began to flow into the media. During this time Jack Tenney was hacked on Twitter. The hackers began to spout nonsense claiming to have slept with Tfue’s girlfriend and that Tfue was greedy. The hackers also released videos of Tfue with Faze Banks and an unknown female and other videos with Tfue and Female counterparts. The final tweet indicated the motive stating #FazeUp clearly proclaiming who the hacker believed to be right.

The Fallacies

During the new video with Faze several aspects seemed off. To start the video claimed that Tfue had not lost any money from his support a creator code earnings. The video also stated that creator code earnings were not available when the initial contract was signed, which was true. However, according to his contract Tfue would still be accountable for giving Faze 80% if they ever felt they needed it. Though new contracts were supposedly in the works, they never addressed whether or not creator codes would be barred from Faze’s percentages. This means that despite not knowing what the new contracts entitled, Faze still probably intended on collecting. The video also shows portions of supposed new contracts which would still entitle Faze to over 20% of all brand deals regardless of who brought them in. Clearly Faze intended on giving Tfue a better deal. What the small pieces of non blurred lettering don’t tell you is that Tfue could only have sponsors Faze approved, limiting his ability to work freely. This would prevent Tfue from making money across a much more diverse stream of sponsors and growing his network. The video also states that Tfue was still receiving new contracts even after the lawsuit was made public. Whether or not this was done intentionally is yet to be explained. Another anomaly was Faze Banks claiming Tfue was offered 7 figures and 100% on all splits but the video never made any mention of this nor did they provide any contractual evidence of such.

My opinion

Despite all the drama and bullshit from a third party perspective, Tfue is getting fucked. Faze clan references several times where deals could not be made and Tfue was uncooperative. However, Without any solid proof besides what is shown. Tfue truly had a bad contract. I believe that Faze has helped Tfue become what he is, but by no means do they deserve to capitalize on all his hard work. After witnessing all of the drama particularly from Faze’s end it almost seems like they need public opinion to justify their actions. From a legal standpoint, publicity might not be the best answer considering Faze has quite a bit to explain. Though Faze has attempted to shed light on the situation it is my belief they’ve only dug the hole deeper continuing to fuel the fire that is their mistake. After 6 months Tfue automatically had a renewal in his contract but if he never accepted new terms was he still legally bound to Faze. Again another question yet to be addressed. Faze felt as though they needed Tfue more than he needed them and the second he wanted out they pressured him into staying. This clearly indicates some sort of desire to have Tfue stay apart of Faze, whether that be for friendships, money or both. Regardless Faze was unable to come to a deal and Tfue wanted to leave. Unable to remove himself he sought legal counsel to help like most normal people would do. Though the circumstances are unfortunate it seems as though Faze really needed Tfue and Tfue knew he was being used. In return Tfue wanted to use his skills to create an all new organization and become much like his bothers at Faze. Had Faze been more open to expanding perhaps things would be different. Time will only tell.

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