WTF Epic?

Here at Pseudo Pharm, we try to spread nothing but peace and love. Whether were talking about the various ways you can become healthier, how you can use our products, or about the wonderful game of Fortnite; we seek to spread knowledge and wisdom in a positive manner.

However, some-things must be said about Epic Games.

In recent months, Epic games has been garnering a pretty bad reputation. There is information all over the internet detailing all the atrocities at Epic HQ, and today we have some words for Epic.

Epic; you have done so many great things, and your game is awesome. You accomplished astonishing feats in very little time. We respect your work ethic; and to all those employees who are over worked; we appreciate you! Thank you! 

For everyone else at Epic; Fucking listen. I mean, really? How many times will you make the same mistakes. We get it: new Season, new perspective… but what you’ve done is baffling. Including all the removals in season 8 of popular mechanics, the failure of your major event, and now this? 

Why would you remove the Pump Shotgun? The pump shotgun was a defining factor of Fortnite. Everyone used it; especially in competitive.  You promised not to make major changes before major events. Maybe you have forgotten, but your community remembers.

The game is not going to last if you don’t respect your community. 

How can a community who’s practiced and promoted your game so diligently be so disregarded? The people who made your game popular are sick of your shit. 5 minutes on Twittter will be more than enough for you to get the point.

 We love season 9 and the new map,l but we don’t love your blatant disregard for a community who works hard every day to not only promote you, but potentially profit from you. We wish you would take the time to listen.

We understand how hard you work. But please work hard for the right reasons. We don’t think were being selfish at this point. We as players, creators and enthusiast are upset. We understand the complexity of the issue, but its time to change. Please Epic listen to us.

We know the game just like you, we make your game what it is. We want to be heard! We don’t want to stop playing a game that truly deserves to have the top spot. 

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