How to Succeed in Fortnite Arena

 Fortnite is constantly evolving, whether it be with the addition of new weapons or map changes, the game has never been more crazy. Players have seen many unwanted changes, including removal of siphon in public games, FOV slider removal, and balls. Fortnite has also seen some much needed changes as well. Particularly with the addition of arena mode. Despite Arena mode having flaws in the highest tiers with longer than average que times, it has proved to be a major necessity. For many players arena offers a way to determine a players overall skill allowing the most competitive players the ability to showcase their abilities. Today we’re going to discuss how any player can utilize their skills according to their play style and move through arena more fluidly. 

Open League:

Open league is where every player will ultimately start in arena mode.  It often consist of many new players and for many seasoned Fortnite players moving through the first three divisions should be relatively easy. 

Play Style:

For players who are new to the game, playing in this league can be challenging. Performing in open league will consist of mildly passive play only pushing fights that “you” as a player feel you can win. Building will often be necessary but complex builds will occur rarely. Many fights in will be slow compared to other leagues with many players having slow reaction times. Playing is completely based on player skill level and all players will ultimately make it through with consistency.

Weapon Choice:

Weapon choice in open league is often complex. Many new players don’t know what weapons suit them best and seasoned players often troll around. For any player truly looking to move past open league with the best results, an assault rifle, shotgun, smg combo will usually be the go to. However snipers and rockets are always a must if RNG permits.

Landing Spot:

Landing in open league is player choice, however if winning is your goal landing in lower population zones and moving across map is recommended. Players specifically going for kills should land in medium population zones and push accordingly. For seasoned players either starting their arena career or smurfing. High population zones offer lots of kill potential and maximum point potential.

Contender League:

Contender league is where the majority of all Fortnite players will be. However. contender league varies drastically in difficulty and only advanced players will find themselves in the higher divisions. Seasoned players should expect decent competition and a need for mechanical knowledge.

Play Style:

Playing in contender league can vary depending on skill level. In many cases players will want to play mildly passive only pushing fights they can win. On the other hand skilled players can find easy kills with aggressive play. For players looking to move past the first few divisions of contender a hyrbrid style of play is recommended. Late game Contender league will often have more than average amounts of enemies and building knowledge will be essential. In many cases 1×1’s are the go to. Unless you have a baller; in this case, protecting your ball is key. Having a strong knowledge of edits is highly recommended as many players will punish slow players in upper contender divisions. Success in lower divisions is dependent on placement so going for kills is only recommended if your risk are low.

Weapon Choice:

Weapon choice in contender league will often times be RNG as initial landing zone will determine a majority of your loot. Preferred weapon choice should be a combination of assault rifle/ infantry rifle, pump shotgun, and SMG. Your remaining slots should be shields or heals and some form of mobility (not balloons).

Sooooo…. Redeploy!

If RNG permits, heavy sniper and rocket launchers are amazing late game as well as clingers, stinks and TNT. Having builds will be essential late game, so be sure to watch your materials. 

Landing Spot:

Landing in contender league should always be well thought out. Unfamiliar areas can limit player potential so landing in well known zones (zones you specifically land often) will allow for higher probability to make late game. Zones with low populations and decent loot tables will often produce the best results, However some high population areas wont be as busy and sometimes offer great drop areas. pay attention to your landings, there is almost always a good spot.

Champion League:

Champion league is currently the highest ranking in arena mode and consist of the best players in each region. The competition in champion league is consistently skilled and often times 1v1’s are dependent on player ping and mechanical skill. Champion league offers players the ability to compete in Fortnite Events such as the World Cup.

Play Style:

Champion league play style is very passive and strategy based. Playing requires knowledge across all aspect of the game from map awareness to map positioning. RNG will play a much larger role in champion league and many players can expect little action until late game. Most players should expect no more than 2 kills per landing zone and loot can often be scarce.  Materials are an absolute must and editing knowledge should be extensive. Many players with good loot can expect more kills late game if they play their positions correctly. 1v1’s are not common and should be taken advantage of any time possible.

Weapon Choice:

Weapon choice in champion league is a lot of times RNG however finding the correct loadout is a must and scavaging for the correct weapons will always provide better results. Often times players will opt to only use 2 weapons to allow for more heals or mobility. Automatic weapons such as an SMG or Assault rifle are recommended. Pump Shotgun is an absolute must and every player should have a shotgun of some kind. Explosives of any kind are highly recommended for late game and heavy sniper is a game changer with the right positioning. 

Landing Spot:

Landing in Champion league is incredibly important. Picking a zone with a good loot table and low population is a must as progressing to late game is increasingly more difficult. Early game fights can drastically alter the outcome of your entire game so ensuring the best landing is crucial.  Large zones can offer more kills and in turn more points but also require more luck. However winning a big zone can ensure exceptional loot. Pick your zone wisely. 

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