7 Ways to Fix Fortnite Packet Loss

Fortnite is a game that’s garnered quite a reputation in the past year, and continues to push boundaries in the gaming industry. Within the last few months, Fortnite has put out a series of patches. Some are good, some are bad, but many are offering much needed improvements to the game. Though Epic has done a decent job listening to their community, there are still several major issues the game has not taken the time to fix or even address.

One of the major issues that continues to plague the community is packet loss. For those wondering what packet loss is; Packet loss is the discarding of packets in a network when a router or other network device is overloaded and cannot accept additional packets at a given moment. Packets are the fundamental unit of information transport in all modern computer networks, and increasingly in other communications networks as well. When packets get lost in Fortnite many different issues can occur depending on the severity of the packets lost. Primarily the user will lag, pause for several seconds, or have failed actions- such as blank hit markers or builds not placing.

As Fortnite has continued to grow and expand their influence over the gaming world, its packet loss issues has seemed to grow with it. Many people across a variety of different outlets have expressed concern with little to no feedback on the issue.

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Below are 7 ways to deal with packet loss and improve your Fortnite experience.

  1. Direct Connection (Ethernet): If you haven’t already tried using an Ethernet cable to direct connect your computer, try hooking one up to strengthen the connection. Poor wifi strength can cause packet loss as well as a few other problems. Direct connection allows for a more stable connection, and many users have reported mild success with this method in reducing packet loss. Unfortunately, this is not always a perfect fix- as there are usually other thing to take into consideration.
  2. Sole Device: If direct connecting seems to offer some relief from packet loss, but you see room for improvement: try removing all other devices from the network, allowing only one main device. This can potentially increase the internet connection to your computer, however its not always a viable option if multiple people are using devices. This seems typical particularly in family environments.
  3. Third Party Programs: If a sole connection doesn’t work, or isn’t possible due to the amount of people- there are several third party programs you can install to help improve your experience. In many cases you will sacrifice ping to improve your packet loss problem, but most times you will show improvement. However, it must be noted that Epic games advises against the use of third party programs and in some instances using certain programs can cause game crashes, bans, and in rare cases account terminations. For those willing to take the risk, programs such as Haste, Ping Plotter, and Speedify all seem to yield some form of results. Of all the previous listed, Speedify seems to produce the best results with minor sacrifices to ping- but costs $50 after the free trial. Many users also report that Speedify has caused no problems with Epic games when used to improve game experience. *note* Speedify is a VPN and ping will vary depending on location.
  4. Move Your Modem: If third party programs don’t seem to be an option you are willing to take then changing the position of your modem can potentially help reduce packet loss. In some cases the wiring between the line, your home, and modem can be worn down in areas and cause below-average connections despite having “working” internet. Try moving your modem to another outlet or room in your home. If the problem seems to improve it could have been a problem with the wiring to the previous outlet.
  5. Call ISP: If none of the above seem to offer any form of a fix, calling your internet service provider may help you find a solution. In some cases you may find an upgrade is necessary or there were pre-existing problems with your internet that had not yet been discovered. * Note* Calling your ISP may cost money. Know your companies policies before scheduling an appointment.
  6. Ping Plotter: Using a ping plotter can be a great way to help analyze your packet loss data. A ping plotter will not solve your packet loss problem, but it will help you identify where your information is getting lost. It is suggested that over a weeks time you should record your game data with a ping plotter and try to find any areas where data keeps consistently missing. Once you’ve recorded your data, report it to your ISP or the server location of the missing data if possible.
  7. Contact Epic: If no solution can be found contact Epic and explain the situation. The more people who keep asking for a resolution: the more time and effort Epic will take in fixing the problem.

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