The Gamer’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Fortnite Player, Part: 3

Welcome to part 3 of A gamer’s guide to becoming a successful Fortnite player. In this edition we will wrap up with some of the biggest game changing skills needed for reaching that victory royale. We will conclude our series discussing the importance of edits, aiming techniques, their best uses and ways to improve overall aim.

When it comes to playing Fortnite learning to build is essential, but knowing how to manipulate your builds and quickly edit them from one form to another takes even a skilled builder to the next level.

Anyone who’s played Fortnite has been there; where you’re in a battle, but the other player builds quicker and then edits so fast that you cannot even begin to react before you’ve already been shot or killed. This scenario thankfully becomes increasingly less common the more you develop your Fortnite skills; however, that amazing player will almost always get the upper hand unless you have mastered the same techniques. This is where edits become crucial because a fast editor can take seconds or even minutes of time out of a battle. A quick edit to a staircase, floor or wall can offer a position change without leaving cover. Edits also allow for highly advanced styles of play and offer comfortable players an advantage over those who only practiced building. A player truly seeking the highest ranking in Fortnite understands that by mastering different edits there becomes a distinct advantage over 80% of the player base. Developing better editing skills can take quite some time; as it is essential to learn to build, organize your hot bar, and tailor your key binds before even beginning to master edits.

Those looking to expand their skills can utilize play grounds to practice new techniques, as this has proved incredibly helpful for many players. Moreover, with Fortnite creative mode there are many courses specifically designed to help improve your editing skill, and as we stated many times before- the best way to improve is: practice.

The last tip we will discuss in part 3 of our “Gamer Guide” is the most important skill of all; Aim.

Aim is a skill that all players carry, but to what extent they’ve mastered it is another story. Many players know how to put a cursor on an opponent and hold the fire button- and in many cases, players rely on RNG to connect their shots. For most average players weapon types geared towards removing RNG are common and often times way more beneficial in the hands of a skilled player.

Have you ever noticed that most streamers do not use guns that make the game too easy; such as RPG’s, grenade launchers, and tactical shotguns?

These weapons can offer distinct advantages over opponents, but they remove a lot of the RNG in the game and require little to no skills to use. A player who has attuned their aiming skill prefers weapons like the pump shotgun and heavy assault rifle because they offer high damage if used effectively. When it comes to improving aim, there are several aspects that a player must first analyze.

First, do you want to get better at long or short range encounters? Second, are you trying to follow or quickly hit your opponent and keep moving? There are many ways to improve your aim but in this segment we will only be discussing the points above.

Flick Shots: When it comes to close range shotgun battles and insane build battles, knowing how to flick shot is mandatory. A flick shot is a well timed shot done with a simple mouse flick typically resulting with the cross hairs on an opponent in less than a second, typically from a shotgun or a sniper rifle. The flick shot is one of the most tactical and influential moves that can be done by a player. Knowing how to flick shot offers many advantages particularly in build battles, considering many times there are only seconds to react to opportunities. Flick shot done with a sniper rifle, or commonly known as quick scopes or no scopes are done the same as shotguns however they are usually done at moderately long range and require slightly more skill. Improving flick shots can be a difficult endeavor considering several factors come into play while attuning aim. First off, attuning mouse DPI is essential, finding that perfect zone of comfort between your hand movements and the cursor reactions makes a world of difference when mastering flick shots. Secondly, attuning the in-game mouse settings to directly work with the DPI of your mouse will offer a more well rounded and perfected aim. Once your settings have been fine tuned, the only other way to directly improve flick shots is: practice. Much like edits there are many different creative mode options to help improve flick shots, as well as aim trainers such as CoVax to help achieve desired results.

Tracing: Tracing is another beneficial, tactical form of aiming that offers a majority of aiming aspects. Tracing is the ability to follow an enemies patterns whiles moving and jumping around. Tracing is best done and most commonly done with weapons like the assault rifle and sub machine guns, being able to trace can be just as effective as a well timed flick shot if your accuracy is on point. Learning to practice tracing is fairly easy, and just like most things in Fortnite: there are more than enough creative and outside sources offering a plethora of ways to fine tune your skills.

Now that we’ve addressed all of the mandatory skills for Fortnite, you have to get out there and put those skills to work. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs with all the best Fortnite content and coaching. Stay tuned to our twitch channel @ FNJesus and check out all our great gaming content on TheWeedTube. Thanks for reading! Peace.

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