How to Set Up a Site That Sells

100’s of people (if not more) sign up to sell on Shopify every day and yet it only takes about 1200 over-all visits to a website to reach the top 13th percentile of successful shops.

That leaves the other 87% wondering, “What is the secret recipe that is giving the top 10% the advantage of actually making sales?”

There is a few key points to selling online that many marketers/salesman do not even know exist, let alone set in place. Why do so many of them listen to the crickets chirping for months and waste money before ever taking the time to research the necessary steps?

Well, I’ve contemplated the likely-hood that most of them simply lack the motivation and drive to figure out what it takes to successfully sell on an e-commerce platform, which is a trait that a truly successful salesman see’s zero time for.

The most successful salesmen in the country often speak on habits of goal setting and positive affirmations, which allows you to realize that not taking the time to learn how to check-off the achievements of the ever-growing goal list is just a losing mind-set.But you know there’s more to the story of success, which is why you’re probably here for answers. These are the tips I have formulated after reaching hundreds of thousands of people through marketing, and I know they will help you sky-rocket sales too:

Trust Badges

Every successful website shows trust badges upon checkout. This ensures the customer is comfortable enough to add their sacred payment info into a new site. Every internet user has (hopefully) learned the details to search for on a site that show reputability and trust. This is one of those details. Every secure website has trust badges, because why would you not tell everyone you have a secure checkout? You can find free apps to install these badges with ease.

Countdown Timers

There are tons of people that use an app similar to “Hurrify” however it is usually a deterrent more than a sale enhancer. Don’t get me wrong, successful shops have seen sales rise after installing and setting up a timer on their product pages. However most often than not salesmen have experienced a drop in sales- as it is bulky and in the way of source information that entices the buyer. On top of that it creates a sense of urgency that only certain people respond well to. Most will click out thinking it looks sketchy. However there has been much success adding a “”High demand” timer on the checkout page. This subtly tells the buyer that the product they added to cart is going quickly (which psychologically makes them feel the need to have it) but is being held for a few minutes so they can complete checkout.

Professional pictures

Well taken photography of all products is an absolute essential part to making sales, and I’ve even implemented this on not only my dropshipping website, but also my Company‘s website in order to increase the reputation and attraction to our products. A well-lit, clear photo will show a true view of the product and showcase the best details. A dim, blurry, unfocused photo will immediately look sketchy or low-quality, whether or not the product is great. Using models is a fantastic way to showcase the product in an attractive manner. These tips will greatly increase sales.

Sales Conversions Funnel

Every successful online salesman is fully aware of a sales funnel, and has multiple in place at all times.

What is a sales funnel? Simply put, it is the steps in which each customer goes through to get to the end of the checkout page.

There can be dozens of different points where a person loses interest in the funnel and does not complete a checkout. We call these “leakers” in the marketing community. The point of a conversion funnel is to find every single leak and plug it with something (be it an application, html coded push, timer, psychologically enticing description, social proof, email cart recovery, or sales codes) in order to reduce the amount of leakers and raise the percentage of checkouts significantly. You can trust that without a funnel in place, there will most likely be zero sales on a website.

Psychologically Enhanced Descriptions

This is a very important part of selling online. The description of a product can make or break a sale in an instant, so it’s important to do your research on the psychology of selling. For example, What does it take to convince a customer to feel that they need your product? There are certain ways to play on words to fill their subconscious with the notion that they want whatever your selling. We sometimes use the “pain/pleasure” method.

More importantly, a customer wants to know everything about what they’re prospecting before making a purchase. They look for information such as:

“What is it” “What is it made of?” “How is it used?” “How does it benefit/help me?” “What makes it better than competitors?”

Fully describe each product in order to ease every single doubt that may arise in the buyers mind. Bonus points if you accomplish that without over-doing the amount of reading. Remember; a customer will click out after scrolling to the bottom of the page and not seeing a buy button just so they don’t have to scroll back up. If they’re that lazy, do you think they will read a long description?

Share to Social Pages

Make sure you’re sharing to social pages such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in order to reach the 1000s of people it takes to see sale conversion percentages rise in your favor. You want to share all sales, products, photography, videos, ads, and more with followers. You’ll want to run ads and build a relationship with customers as this builds a brand that has repeat customers and high engagement.


Stick to Reputable/Non-“Try-on” Items

It can be very hard these days to sell clothing online, and almost completely impractical to sell clothing from over-sea’s that you’ve never seen, touched or tested before. On top of that, sending it to customers in a cheap, plastic, unbranded package adds to the challenge for repeat customers. For this reason, it can be extremely beneficial to stick to products that are non-breakable, one-size-fits-all, and quality. For example, you can find success selling phone cases or sunglasses. They are easy to sell and easy to bulk purchase to ship personally.

Hit the Perfect Price-Point

Some salesmen see the opportunity to create their own profit margins and sky-rocket prices thinking it will sell. Some store owners see the opportunity to share the lowest prices possible and give a special deal to all customers, but lose tons of profit and almost stay negative. (Me).

It is important to research products in the same niche and feel out what prices look like. Try to aim just slightly lower. Do not exaggerate too far high or low, because both will tarnish the credibility of your product and site.

Good-luck implementing these tips, and I encourage you to send me your results after testing them out! I hope this helped, and I wish you a beautiful day. Namaste!

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