The Gamer’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Fortnite Player: Part 2

As Fortnite’s famous slogan goes, “The battle is building.” Of all the qualities Fortnite has to offer, building is by far the most important and influential. As Fortnite has grown so has every players ability to build. In Fortnite’s early days building was slow and seldom used, but with additions to the game like turbo building many players were able to get the competitive nature of building. Now knowing how to build, what to build and when to build is more crucial than ever with well over 50% of the player base having basic builds mastered. However, players truly looking for a competitive edge over a majority of the players understand that building alone is only as effective as the builds they use. From here we will discuss the techniques to improve as well as identify the types and the pros and cons of each build. As you begin to focus on every action you will begin to see the improvements necessary for improving your Fortnite experience.

Step 1: Key binds

As mentioned previously in part 1, key binds will play a huge role in your overall Fortnite experience. Though they are essential to all aspects of the game, having a series of easily memorable buttons for builds will be the first step in building like a pro. All players have a different set up so learning yours is crucial. For those unsure of what buttons to use for building, take the time to play playground mode and experiment with everything you can to discover the desired outcome for building. Remember all things take practice and building well will take time and patience to master.

Step 2: Building techniques

In this segment we will discuss the building techniques commonly used in simple confrontations and some more advanced techniques used to overcome more skilled players. However these techniques are not sure fire ways to win fights as they will require more well rounded play to use them in their most effective manner.

Technique 1: Simple box

Of all the builds in Fortnite the simple box is a must learn and in most cases will only be mildly effective in fights. Many new and beginner players will tend to learn this build first but will take a long time to expand and improve on this build. What many intermediate and novice players fail to recognize is that this build is the foundation of many of the more complex builds suited for success. The key to the simple box is learning to do it as fast as possible with little to no error. Doing this will only take an average amount of effort and practice and can easily be achieved with high success within several playground sessions. However improvements in speed will only get better with time.

Schematic: Simple box

Four walls each connected at the corners with a ramp in the centerP

Pros: Easily built, Mild protection at range, foundation for more complex builds, mildly strong structure.

Cons: High material cost, Easily over-taken, Weak for close quarters combat.

Technique 2: Simple stairs

When it comes to taking the high ground- Which is crucial to winning fights- the stronger, reinforced stairs prove harder to be shot down. The simple stair technique is a starting point for expanding your high ground climbing ability. This technique much like the simple box is a major building ground for further advanced building techniques. When using the simple stairs, over taking enemies who’s building is weak or below average will typically end with positive results. However this technique will not phase a well rounded player and will only be crucial in easy to win fights. This can be used most effectively during battles with already fortified structures to add extra protection when build battling and when killing lower skilled players.

Schematic: Simple stair

Ramp followed by a wall below the ramp, proceeded by another ramp with a wall below it. The first structure should mirror the second structure.

Pros: Easily learned, effective against unskilled players, easiest and most effective way to achieve high ground, low material cost.

Cons: Easily shot down, offers little protection from enemies on high ground.

Technique 3: Pyramid

Unlike the other building techniques listed above this technique is simple at its core but highly advanced as your building experience improves. Learning to use the pyramid becomes highly needed when fighting increasingly experienced players. Though using a floor can accomplish similar feats the pyramid does, it doesn’t fill the void completely. The pyramid becomes essential in many scenarios as it can provide extra protection when incorporated with floor tiles. Often times pyramids can be used to create safe spaces for healing with minimum material cost and become vital parts of out-building a skilled player. Learning to use the pyramid can take time as it is not always the most used block, however once fully integrated into your build strategy using the pyramid will completely alter the outcome of fights even against the best players.

Schematic: Pyramid (the pyramid is a preset build)

Pros: easy to build, great protection from high ground, low material cost

Cons: Harder to incorporate, larger learning curve.

Technique 4: Advanced Stair

The advanced stair technique is an improvement on the simple stair discussed above. This technique drastically improves the quality of your build and makes getting shot down much harder. Once the advanced stairs have been mastered, rockets and explosives will be among the only things that could destroy your stairs without having ample time to react.

Schematic: Same as the simple stair technique above with a floor tile below each ramp and wall to create a completed stair look.

pros: Hard to shoot down, intimidating to weak opponents, useful in most situations.

Cons: High material cost, Easy to mess up, weak to explosives.

Improving your building skill is beyond essential to becoming a high skilled Fortnite player, only those willing to practice and improve their skills will reach the highest levels. Taking the time to practice your builds will begin to show improvements in no time getting you one step closer to that victory royale.

Continue to part 3 where we discuss the importance of edits and aim, in our final addition of becoming a successful Fortnite player.

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