The Gamer’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Fortnite Player: Part 1

The internet is riddled with guides that teach the base mechanics necessary to play Fortnite; However the more you look for great information- the less you tend find. There is videos of streamers giving their input, but little of that information is written down or easy to understand. This guide is for the players looking to advance their skills fast, as Fornite takes a lot of time to master. Just remember everything takes practice, so perseverance is key.

Getting Started

Once a player has decided to play Fortnite seriously, there are several steps one must take to establish the easiest routes of success. We’re going to cover the first two tips in this installment of the series.

1. Key Binds:

Having the correct key-binds is essential for getting better at Fortnite. I’m sure to many, this step seems obvious. However in reality, many players key binds do not make sense- and often times players use the default set up- which can be helpful for some, but not for the majority. 

What makes key bind important:

Having key binds that naturally fit the size/comfort of your hand will drastically improve your game. Setting your key binds to buttons easily accessible to your fingers is very important as reaction time can play a significant roll in winning fights.  A player who is fluid in their algorithms knows how to maneuver and quickly change between weapons, builds, edits and menus within seconds. Many of the idolized Fortnite streamers have a unique set up specific to them which have helped perfect their actions.  Therefore its highly encouraged to understand how to set up and organize your key-binds to best suit you and your play style. Key bind are only the first step as they will be influential throughout the entire game and the skills needed to get better.


There are many sources offering set ups for key binds, but as mentioned above they are specific to the user, so what works for someone else might not be the best for you. Take the time to learn what keys fit you and slowly implement changes as you it fits your improvements. You can find players with videos showing their set up.

2: Gun Organization:

This step is another that readers might find obvious again. However a player looking to greatly improve their performance needs to know the tactics behind gun placement, as many fights become very situational and require a more accurately attuned play that can only be obtained by knowing where every gun is and how to use it when necessary. As mentioned above your key binds will play an obvious role in the order your guns are placed.

Weapon Combos Geared for Success:

Some weapons seem like obvious choices for battle, However knowing what weapons work best with what combo is just as important as the weapon placement. Having a pump shotgun and a burst rifle with no smg or rapid fire weapon would be considered a poor choice. Of course we do not always have the option, as RNG plays a huge role in Fortnite. Though, achieving a perfect load out is essential to winning the most important battles. Below are a series of weapon combos that have high success rates when fighting opponents.

Combo 1: Assault rifle, Pump shotgun, Smg 2 & slots for necessities.

Combo 2: Smg, Pump/Tactical shotgun sniper rifle & 2 slots for necessities.

Combo 3: Assault rifle, pump shotgun, rocket launcher, sniper, mobility or shields.

Combo 4: Smg, pump shotgun, Hand Cannon & 2 slots for necessities.

Combo 5: Assault rifle, Pump/Tactical shotgun, Rocket launcher, Hand cannon, mobility or shield.

These weapon combos are just a few of many that can achieve success however these combos have proven benefits and are often times the favorites of pros and the likes.  Remember having a constant order in your gun placement is key to finding success in Fortnite as repetition is vital in perfecting every action. 

Continue on to part 2 for more advanced tips on building, types of builds and the strategies behind each build type and when to use them.

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