Why I Support TheWeedTube

Ah, here at last- a safe platform for only cannabis content creators, viewers, and ads. Where you can comfortably share any health tip, sesh, story, vlog or tutorial without getting shut down! Every-one has thought about it, but no one took the time and investment to build a team, a professional platform, and a community/website that made money, ran smoothly, and operated fairly. But @macdizzle420 and her fellow intelligent friends decided it was worth it, and here we are today with a fantastic platform. I am so honored to be able to share my knowledge of cannabis (CBD) health with you guys comfortably.

Now, to a lot of people a platform like this is kind of surprising- to say in the least. This type of site and content isn’t for everybody; but that’s why it’s now separated from the mainstream media platform and only “21 or older.”

Honestly, I believe that a place for like-minded people to share helpful tips to new-bies (young and old alike) or even seasoned activists is an amazing idea. This natural grown herb is an incredible medicine in hundreds of ways, and I love seeing influencers sharing that with others. I mean, I could go on-and-on about echinacea or mugwart- but cannabis is used in hundreds of ways to heal hundreds of things and can almost never be overdosed and has saved millions of lives. It’s a wonder-herb.

Plus, almost every stoner (and even the occasional smoker, cbd user, or strictly edible eater) enjoys watching other people show off some beautiful pieces and explaining something either funny or informational. And anyone looking into the world of cannabis goes straight to online content to learn of the possibilities.


So, on that note- cheers to The Weed Tube.  I’ll see you guys on my channel.


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