Key Components to a Fantastic Blog

Key Components.jpgIf there’s one thing writers have in common; it’s the hope that our content is love-able, interactive, and easy to navigate.

More importantly; we want it to be amazing. What’s the point of putting out content that you know readers will click out of, right?

There is no set formula to a perfect blog, because every reader is different. However there are a few *key components* that most blogs should include in order to look professional and attractive.

I’ve researched and followed many popular blogger’s work to see their writing style as well as the key components of their blogs and how they organize. After two years, I have finally formulated a decent set of guidelines for a consistently fantastic blogging style. As well as an easy process for writing one in a timely manner.



Some of my absolute favorite bloggers are:


Tai Lopez

So, what are the general guidelines for creating a well-rounded blog?

cinco de mayo1: Start with A compelling Intro

You want to really grab the targeted readers attention right away. If they know what they’re looking for, they will appreciate a quick “yes or no” whether or not your article has the answer. If they are just coming across your blog on accident, you want to have their attention grabbed with a compelling statement or clue. Solve their problems in one paragraph.

2: Add an interactive layout

While long paragraphs and intelligent words are great for the right readers, most internet dwellers want to have a quick/fun/intelligent read that leaves them sighing with appreciation for new knowledge and motivation. To keep readers involved, try to keep the body light and easy. Include photos that interchange “sides” of the blog, different size/color fonts, cool freebies and more. Make the media flow well, and never keep it all to one side.

3: Pictures, gifs, and videos

These will help keep your post fun and memorable. You can make your own graphics on Canva, use already popular memes to relate to the reader, and info-graphic photos for informational organization! The best part is that all of the graphics can be shared onto Pinterest for huge post reach. This correlates well because different variety photos attract way more readers. (Everyone is different and enjoys different photos. No two people are the same; so using one picture only is like missing a huge opportunity.)

Videos are a great way to add personality to a blog, and “shout-out” your favorite YouTuber’s if you use their video.

4: Sources

If you’re doing a research blog, make sure you leave the sources for your information. This will make your blog more credible, prevent plagiarism, and help bring another author’s attention to your work. Some writer’s really appreciate their work featured in someone’s blog, because it means their work is getting out there and professional enough to be a sited source of information.

5: A fantastic title picture/ Ad

This picture is the main attention grabber at the start of your blog. It’s also the one component that’s gonna bring users to your blog just by seeing awesome artwork. Make this professional, colorful, fun, and neat. You will use this photo (or another similar to it) on social media platforms, google+, and hopefully Tailwind. (I’m sure some of you don’t use Tailwind, but you should!) You will want to summarize the entire blog in just a title and a few phrases. Bonus points if the background artwork gives a few hints as well.

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Key Components (1)A few extra tips:

  • Write an email for every blog you post. This is direct marketing to the list you have built- so it’s a must do for writer’s.
  • Write with personalty, instead of turning everything into a drawn out research paper. People want personality in the articles they read! They want to see unusual grammar and the little quirks of their favorite writer. So be yourself and trust that you will build an audience that loves you for you.
  • Get to the point! Summarize the blog in the introduction, and get right to the start of the information. The writer’s that include a story before the real content of the blog usually have more “leakers:” than they’d like to admit.
  • Organize the content to have a great flow. Try not to be too choppy, or too drawn out- and keep it organized. This allows for an aesthetic, professional blog that readers enjoy.
  • Integrate ads in a soft way. Try not to use huge ads in the middle of your blog (although for some it works), and try to strategically place your text-links so they do not become over-bearing. Don’t shove the campaign of the blog into the readers throat. Try to give them true helpful information and a fun read, not a sales pitch.
  • If you struggle with blog completion; try segmenting out the tasks into days. For example: Start Day 1 with just a detailed outline, and maybe adding a bit to it as a start of a rough draft. Day 2; completely fill out a rough draft and make a few edits. Day 3;  make final edits, then add the media and affiliate ads/ links and voila!!! Your blog is done in three days! Make sure you do final edits before posting; and you’re good to go. Find an entire tutorial on this here.
  • You do not have to worry about making every single blog super intricate and detailed. Just focus on writing the information you know it needs and you usually have a decently sized blog sitting in front of you. This is a great tip for beating writer’s block.




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