8 Reasons ConvertKit is awesome

8 Reasons Convertkit is AwesomeDo you wanna know about something awesome?

It’s Email Marketing; and more specifically- Convertkit.

There are thousands of Marketers building email lists and completing sales conversion funnels though these emails.

But it’s come to light that some of you have no idea about this magical sales avenue. As someone who has started multiple platforms, products, and services for my company to generate income on; as well as share all the updates, ads and sales to social media all on my own: it can be frustrating to send everything out to an absent audience. Upon further research on which platforms hide the least amount of my content from followers, I have found a “Holy Grail” of marketing. I can honestly  tell you that you’d be very smart to engage in a new technique.

No, it’s not me trying to sell you on something. It’s the simple fact that you should be email marketing. “Why would I do that?”

Because an email marketing list is a group of followers that receive a direct message to their business email to read. This is a huge advantage because social media algorithms will hide your post from 70% of your following- however in this case: all of them see it, every time.

I know you work hard on your blogs, photography, service ads & videos. I know you work hard to run sales & write that eBook. You deserve to reach all of your hard earned followers.

So build an email list, transfer your most loyal followers & watch sales increase because they enjoy your voice, content, and design. Because you’re going to give them freebies and coupons and mini-courses. You’re going to give them awesome sneak peaks and privileges- why? Because they are your best followers.

So, let me tell you why Convertkit is the best option, next to GetResponse, or MailChimp.

1: You can create different buttons for each series.

You can target specific traffic on blogs, social media and emails and then send them over to specific lists with the specified buttons. This is awesome if you run more than one list, because it allows for organization and form. You don’t want to send a reader to an email list for recipes and then blow them up with the business marketing emails, right?

2: You can integrate personal info, like their name.

This makes your emails more personable and interactive. An email directly addressing the reader makes it seems like less of a “generalized ad” and more of a personal email with good information. This will raise your click/sale stats exponentially.

3: You can schedule emails ahead of time.

This is an awesome system, because just like any marketing platform- it takes forever to make the content. It is so nice to be able to create a few emails in advance and then schedule out sign up forms across social media once it launches. No more waiting until post-date and frantically finishing emails while working on other projects. No more running crazy around the holidays with an overload of emails, ads, sales and more- because you can schedule the emails! Gosh I appreciate this ability so much.

4: The platform is easy to use, but you need HTML knowledge.

A simple user-friendly navigation system allows for deep coding and personalized emails. If you are a super-beginner and need template systems instead of HTML coding; Mailchimp may be your program instead.

5:  You can integrate text-link ads & photo ads you create.

This has proven extremely useful; as email marketing is used to share products, announcements, sales, launches, campaigns, and more. The ability to easily encase text with back-links makes sending traffic from opened emails easier than ever before. Instead of integrating huge banner ads or box ads, you can make an email more personable and interactive without shoving the campaign into the reader’s face.

6: You can create a landing page, even without a website.

Owning a website requires a ton of research and development, as well as a hefty investment. For someone with a low-budget start-up and little to no knowledge on HTML coding, it can be tough to start marketing online. With ConvertKit, you can create a landing page filled with links and campaigns, through an easy set-up interface. Save yourself the cost and research time by opening just an email list.

7: You can easily organize and create multiple campaigns, while easily adding/removing members from each list with a tagging system.

This is amazing for business owners like me, because I run multiple accounts, products, campaigns, content genres (videos, blogs, podcasts, etc) and I also offer services- i.e. photography, consulting, screen printing, and more. When you offer multiple buttons for targeted sign-ups, you don’t want to send that group a random email. For instance; if a reader signs up under the “marketing for beginner’s” email list- they probably do not want to receive our weekly recipe emails for weight loss. This easily organized system makes for a way less confusing experience.

8: They have a high send rate; meaning they have the least amount of emails lost in the void without reaching the member.

You don’t want to use a program that doesn’t send over 6-20% of your emails, right? You want the emails going to every single member, every time. This is why it’s awesome that they have one of the highest send-rates. You can trust that almost all of your campaigns go out.


Let us know what you think of Convertkit if you’ve used it, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have in the comments our on our contact page.



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