FabFitFun Winter 2018 Unboxing

What's inside the (1)Hello fellow internet dwellers! FabFitFun just hit 1 Million Members!! In light of a celebration, I am sharing my Winter 2018 box with you!

If you’re here, you are a FabFitFun member who’s curious about other members boxes, or you’re thinking about becoming a member. Or maybe you just like watching unboxings as a pass-time? High five; because I enjoy indulging as well.

I watched maybe 40 videos over the course of a few months before I finally decided to switch my subscription from GrazeBox Snacks to FabFitFun. I had built up about 50 snacks (which are already gone and I’m debating signing back up), and decided to try out a box that ultimately saved me  money, had more “bang” for my buck, and allowed me to give back to you guys!

(GrazeBox code: pseudo3tb gets your 1st & 5th boxes FREE!)

LET ME TELL YOU… This is literally amazing. After awing at other people’s boxes, I finally can open a gift four times a year that makes me very happy.

I’m usually skeptical about subscription boxes of this genre, because it’s either a hit or miss, right? But this is undoubtedly not a miss. Not only can I customize the box, but its worth over $300 every time, and that price is only determined by bulk prices, not true retail! This means that the prices I told you in the video aren’t even true retail prices and this box is worth even more than I thought! They come quarterly, so us broke girls don’t have to fork the cash out every month. (although tbh I would love to gift myself with this every month for good behavior.) Each box is only $50, but with our unique links you get it for $40- for over $300-$500 for the total!





CLICK HERE! >>> https://t.fabfitfun.com/SH1fc

I unboxed this bad-boy on our Youtube Channel; Check it out!!!

I show you all the goodies that were included in my box, and I also include *bulk* retail prices on each. I also list the products I could find down below!

I always recycle products I won’t use; so if you would like to purchase them below retail prices- check out Our Shop. I only have one of each though!




Moroccan Gold Series Hair Mask

ORIBE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Jade Acupuncture Roller (only $11with my link!!)

Thrive Causmetics Eye Brightener

AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask

24k Gold Hydro-Gel Eye Masks

Grey Throw Blanket



If you fancy Pseudo Pharm; Check out:

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Y’all are amazing and we appreciate you so very much. Thank you for supporting our team fro the beginning; we have so much planned for y’all it’s insane. Have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to follow for more 🙂

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We would like to kindly thank our sponsors, ad they always stand up to their beautiful message and take great care of our listeners. Take a look at the deals you can redeem as a listener:

IMG_5813 (2)

FabFitFun Fall Box for $10 OFF!!!

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