Dressing Professional on a Budget

_YOU CAN DRESS TO FEEL YOUR BEST, BUT LET YOUR WALLET FEEL GOOD TOO. (1)The dream of every girl (and most guys) is to look and feel awesome in their outfits, while attempting to stick to a tight-knit budget. You usually end up getting only one-or-two of the items needed, and walking away spending all of your cash. Raise your hand if you’re ready for a better option!

Who doesn’t want to walk around feeling like Jeffree Star or Beyoncé in your fancy new outfit(s), but spend like a thrifting Pro? Well my saucy internet homie’s; I’m going to show you how.

The internet is over-saturated with fashion sites that ship over-seas cheaply, yet drain the wallets of customers with inflated prices. If you look for high fashion to receive super quality clothing, you’re looking at $100-$2,900 per piece. That’s unfortunately not a guestimation, but a fact.

However, through special Business Owner back-links, I have found many sites that offer high quality clothing at wholesale prices. I’m talking up to 80% off of every single item; always. Why would I not share those amazing sites with you guys, when everyone wants a good deal!

I have been upgrading my wardrobe lately, to succeed in looking professional most days of the week. I’ve always used hand-me-downs and thrifted clothes, but I figured it’s now time to really look bad-ass. I mean, I own a few small companies and do a bunch of cool stuff all day and I don’t have a dress code; so I have a wide range of opportunity to wear awesome outfits.

But I’m still a budget spender. No matter how much money I come across, a good deal will always get my rocks hard.

Every woman- regardless of her situation or daily activities- should feel good about what she’s wearing without struggling to pay for it. So I went on a deep internet search for stylish fashion at low, “thrift-like” prices. And boy did I hit the jackpot.

Here are a few examples of outfits I’ve made through awesome connections:


These are the saucy sites I’ve used:

  1. Mercari
  2. Poshmark
  3. Pseudopharmfashion
  4. Amazon


This is an app that offers a selling platform for every-day people to easily re-sell items. Most folks use it as a garage sale app, to get rid of old clothing/furniture/decor/electronics. There is also a growing number of users buying & re-selling items from wholesale sites & local thrift shops, because the market is so huge.


This is another app, just like the first. But this platform seems to have more opportunity to find buyer traffic, if you’re looking to re-sell items to make way for a bigger wardrobe budget.

Pseudo Pharm Fashion

This is a fashion site that offers discounted prices for high and low fashion to men/women. Coupons are always laced through the site for extra savings, too. The products listed on this shop are 50-70% OFF retail price. And, if you sign up for the email list- you get an EXTRA 10% off the already way marked down prices.

Oh, and this is my site by the way 🙂 I took something that normal business owners utilize as a retail price selling option, but I give you guys all the products that i have available to me at base-level pricing so you can get these deals at the lowest cost and lowest profit to us. I was so incredibly excited to expand our company into the fashion world because there are so many connections I have received over the years and when I found a way to share this opportunity with you guys I JUMPED ON IT.

We recently participated in Black Friday sales, and our shops went CRAZY. I’m talking multiple products selling out multiple times. I don’t know how many times I had to go in and re-stock items! I was so glad I grabbed the leather jackets I had been eye-ing for Christmas before the sale because I was not going to be able to get one fast enough before they sold out during the sale. I want you guys to upload pictures of you wearing your clothes so we can see them! You can check out our Instagram Page (fashion_novadeals) for everyone’s product photos! We upload them every time we receive them!

Also, there is a “leader-board” tab on the bottom left of our site showing the tops spenders items!

If you spend $75 or more, you receive FREE SHIPPING on all items!


Amazon is a dope platform where you can find almost anything you need at prices so low, they do not make profit on a lot of them. You can find decently priced clothing, accessories, coats, and anything you need around the house.

Check out these clothing items I’ve found on Amazon:

Good luck shopping y’all! Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy these connections as much as I have!

If you fancy Pseudo Pharm; Check out:

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