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Hello, I’m Victoria! I am an online marketing professional, content creator, website builder, model, and owner of Pseudo Pharm!

My company has allowed me to live my life happy, healthy, and financially comfortable. My lover Tyler and I are traveling the world and sharing our “unconventional” career methods with the world.

Online marketing is growing expanding like wild-fire, and there is thousands of dollars to be made. Most colleges are offering a Degree to learn how to excel in this career, but that costs $1000’s. You can research the basics through multiple forums and try to formulate the necessary skills to building a successful online career, but that takes years. You can pay $100’s to join online courses to quickly do things correctly, but that is unnecessary.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was an Online Influencer that gave out the basics without charging their readers? It seems like every single one of them are monetizing a simple step-by-step process just to make money on new entrepreneurs; but don’t we deserve a good head start before picking & choosing the paid tools we will expand upon? I mean, if you’re here, you’re looking to learn how to build a website/blog, find & apply for the highest paying affiliates, and how to plug them into content correctly. And, because it took me a long time to figure it out, and I know how much I would have appreciated a free Online Course to get started on the right foot; I’ve created exactly what you need.


So, voila. Here, I give you guys the opportunity to learn the basics (+ Secret Tips).

For the grand total of: F.R.E.E.

Why? It’s simple: You deserve it. There are so many tools to pay for and add-on to a website to monetize multiple sources of content and make money sharing in the right places; and I want you to go start your journey into this life-saving career understanding what it takes and how to be professional & reach enough readers to make money.

I have seen way too many content creators share to a void of no-one and make zero dollars just because they do not now what the magic secrets are. So enjoy this beautiful Email Course I have spent tons and tons of time perfecting so you guys can FINALLY access this information for FREE.

If you’re already following the Newsletter- it will show you an error screen, with the option to “Edit Preferences”. If you click it & add the “3-Day course” to the emails you want to receive- you’ll get it! 🙂

Thank you for following our content, socials and product launches; we wouldn’t be here without you guys. This amazing course is only happening because the opportunities you guys & my hard work for three years has brought the company!

How to start a


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3-Day Email Course to Starting a Profitable Blog

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In the course, you will find:

1. How to build a website or blog 
2. How to monetize the website & integrate ads
3. Where to find 100,000 impressions as a new blogger
3. The secret tips & tricks that save every bloggers life 
+ a GIFT for completing the course!! 
Why pay hundreds to learn the essential basics when you can join a FREE course and know all of the info in three days?
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