IM Ep 1: Introductions, Affirmations&Mantras, Business

Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration and motivation from spiritual Entrepreneurs with the love & experience to help you find success and happiness regardless of how your morning starts.  Sit back with a coffee, or tune in during your morning commute and manifest with us. You’re listening to Inspirational Morning with your host, Victoria Scanlon!



Goodmorning my friends, and welcome to the first ever episode of Inspirational morning! I’m your host Victoria, and through this podcast we will work together to feel blissful every day. We will cover daily affirmations, mantras, moon phases, business tips and more- but, before I get started today I just wanted to say that we here at Pseudo Pharm have been looking forward to this expansion of the company for years now, and to be sitting here speaking to so many listeners is just so heart warming and encouraging. The support and love that reciprocates through this company is unlike any other, and I can’t wait to share with you guys each new branch of Pseudo Pharm as our success grows and we can offer more to you.

Now, for those of you who are very new to Pseudo Pharm, we are a company that offers products, blogs, services, books, courses and more to citizens that want more out of life. We are lucky enough to have a large & loyal audience that has granted us the ability to launch one segment that i’m super excited about; Podcasting.

Now, there are many podcasts we will eventually launch; some based on business, and some based on social media marketing.

But I knew that this was not only the best program to offer our followers before the others, but also the one I wanted to work on the most. This is the project that will undoubtedly open our heart as well as other & motivate listeners to keep spiritual habits & love in their minds.

So thank you for tuning in.

To get started today, I want to shed light on a beautiful quote by Walt Whitman that goes;

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.” 

This really stuck with me; so much-so that I posted a crystal grid with this exact quote on Instagram. And I really feel that this can resonate with everyone; as when it comes to controlling thought and living blissfully- looking to the light is a key component. 

We see a lot about accepting and forgetting negativity as it comes, which I believe is a huge part of unblocking cakras and finding bliss, but this can be tough for those who focus on the negative.

Actively focusing on the positive can breed habits of forgetting the bad and allow room for more love & light.

This brings me to today’s affirmation; which I want you to stop and focus on as I say it- really feel it this morning.

“I wake up with a peaceful mind and a grateful heart.”

Repeat that out loud with me

“I wake up with a peaceful mind and grateful heart.”

Feel free to pause the podcast to repeat this affirmation as much as needed.

Ya know, sometimes we just wake up feeling less than amazing. Maybe you didn’t sleep well, or your back hurts, or you had a bad dream. For me, Alexander the cat plops his ass on my face and wakes me up too early. It happens to all of us.

But it is up to us to accept the moment as it is, and that is easier to do if you trust that you’re waking up peaceful and thankful for your life.

You may have to work instead of sleep in; but that job makes the money that pays the bills. You may have a backache; but 5 minutes of stretching and yoga will help tremendously and have you on your way.

I’m thankful every morning for my animals & lover cuddling first thing, the sun shining through the windows, the crisp morning air, a hot shower, a cold coffee from Biggby, etc. Simply being thankful for your body/health, home, job, and family can brighten up the day.

Ya know, a healthy morning routine can provide a solid foundation for a beautiful morning, and we talked about this on out blog so we could give y’all the tools needed to formulate a motivational morning that is tailored to your happiness. Everyone is different and you should tailor you morning routine to fit your interest, goals and time availability.

For example; my morning looks like:

-I’m up at 6:30 am and immediately hop in the shower to wash my face, brush my teeth, and listen to my favorite Podcasts. As you know, I’ve been sharing on our socials a few of the best morning podcasts for business management and meditation.

After getting dress into workout clothing, I spend some time stretching, doing yoga, and meditating. I really take this time to manifest gratitude for the day.

I’ll usually go for a run, unless I wait for Tyler to go later in the day with me.

Then i’ll complete chores around the house to eliminate distractions, and then move on-to getting ready for work. Then i’ll start my day, whether it’s creating content, attending meetings, or podcasting.

But I give myself the time to take care of my body, mind & home before even starting the day.

This is so important; especially for business owners or students that have a lot on their plate, because our body needs a break from the tension & a boost to stay peaceful through the day.

Now, there’s a few questions I want to leave you with today. I want you to either answer aloud, or write them down in a journal- and feel free to submit answers to or Contact Page on where we can reply.

Ask yourself:

Are you living your life to the fullest?

What do you want to achieve?

What are you passionate about?

I want you to reflect on these questions and ask yourself why you aren’t:

living your best life, while doing what your passionate about to achieve your life goals?

See what I did there?

Go about today dreaming of your goals coming true & finding peace with your current situation.

September was a strong month for manifesting success and connection, and our motivation for action has peaked with the full moon. As we enter the Balsamic Moon today, we return to stillness and reflect on our month with appreciation.

This is a period of rest, so we may recharge for the New Moon, when we will begin our intention setting for the month!

What a great time it is to reset our crystal grids, cleanse our home & stones, and implement self care.

Today’s podcast is available on our Soundcoud profile for a Sneak Peak until the Podcast is launched on our Website and iTunes.

I appreciate you guys tuning in and wish you a wonderful day.

See you next time, on Inspirational Morning.



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