The Largest Tailwind Tribes (For multiple niches)

So have you been “sleeping on the gas” like I have? Because Tailwind has been around for a long time; giving folks millions of views on posts. The app offers a free forum for popular bloggers whom share each-others content to reach new followers. Most of the members already have 20k + followers that you have access to. Who doesn’t want 100,000 views on a new blog as a new writer? I sure appreciate the extra boost.

Raise your hand if you’re with me.

Props to you if you’re a starting blogger and already aware of the potential; jumping into the basics of this wonder-app all on your own. You will look better in a year than I ever did.

Regardless of your experience, it’s always important to keep up on relevant Tribes that have tons of traffic. If you want to reach 100,000 people on a post; this is the way to do it. All you gotta do is schedule pins, share them to tribes and then share posts from other tribe members to give some love. The work will be done for you when other members share the love back & your content reaches their followers; sometimes reaching 1000’s from one share.

But the most common question for new Members is always the same.

Which tribes should I join to reach such a large audience?”

It can be tough to answer this question on your own. I definitely joined the wrong ones at first, and never saw any real boost from posting on them. Upon further research, I’ve found some of the TOP tribes according to follows, members, and daily traffic. In just two days, I’ve noticed an incline of impressions.

Tailwind Tribes (2)Large Traffic Tribes:

Striving Bloggers

Bloggers Chalkboard

Blogging Friends Pins

Adrian’s Tribe

Bloggers Come Together (100+)

Pinterest Friends

Viral Posts

Blogging Viral


You can use the FREE version of Tailwind App to follow up to 5 Tribes and schedule Pins for high traffic.

Also, Click HERE for 1 month of Tailwind PRO completely FREE. With Pro, you can schedule 400 pins a month, and join unlimited Tribes. The boosts are incredible. 

You’ll want to use the free scheduling slots to push content on popular boards throughout the entire month.

I’m impatient though, so I send through 8 posts immediately every day until my slots are used, and wait for them to re-open.

I’ll test how well impressions build this way, and then test impressions after switching to scheduling evenly through the month instead. I’ll also let y’all see the results.

Tailwind allows bloggers and content creators to reach 100,000+ Pinterest Users a month, even without a large following. This is extremely tough to do without the golden tickets of marketing being applied; so a system that allows free views is like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I unfortunately did not do enough research at first, and have missed out on over a million page views and probably hundreds of sales just because I did not share on the available groups.

Comment below with your experiences posting on these Tribes, and even your favorite ones so everyone can boost each other!

Happy Posting 🙂


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