Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Foods to Eat After_Wisdom Tooth SurgeryHello, Friend!

Wisdom teeth can be pesky little buggers, and while some folks have the privilege of a wide jaw; most patients end up needing them pulled.

I assume you’ve recently had wisdom teeth removed, or at least know you’re on the list and want to do research either way. You’ve been told “no eating normal foods” a few times at least now, and to some that is a little easier said than done.

Flash forward to waking up after surgery, when you’re stuck in bed & scrolling through social media with a swollen jaw, holes in your gums and a hungry belly.

Most likely thinking to yourself;

“What the heck can I even eat right now?”

I’ve been there.

There is a few really good blogs out there covering which foods are safe to eat during this time, such as this one; by Andrea Fabry. I loved having the ability to access blogger knowledge for answers. So, I wanted to share my experience as well.

I wish you good luck & speedy recovery 🙂



  • Mashed Banana
  • Lipton Soup (Small Noodle)
  • Apple Sauce
  • Grits
  • Jell-O
  • Pudding
  • Broth or Broth Soup
  • KFC Mashed Potatoes, or Homemade (super mashed or whipped)

It is important to stick to liquid foods for a week or two. You do not want to cut/clog your gums, or rip out the blood clots. I also noticed that any chewy food seriously hurt my jaw for at least three weeks.

Especially if you develop dry sockets; keep to liquids and clean the sockets thoroughly. You can safely use a saline, or home-made Himalayan Salt Rinses for a better healing boost.

Bsmok3aCUAAzASsTomato soup and KFC mashed potatoes (they’re super soft) have been a life saver. I started the potatoes after day 5.

I of course get them without the gravy, as they use a meat gravy. It is delicious even without it, and has been a nice tummy-fill for the last two weeks. Do NOT make the mistake of getting a small side, as it is only three bites of potatoes. Literally for a little over a dollar more you can get a huge side of potatoes that has like 5-6 of the “small” serving. The picture below is a medium, not available at most stores. The small is half this size and the large is 3x this size.

Once you can eat a bit more normal foods- usually around week three- you can start eating noodle soups, cheese, mac n’ cheese, pancakes and more.

I remember looking for a Healing Timeline so I could gather an idea of how long the pain would last, and there isn’t very many available. I went through the process with the knowledge I had found, and waited to share my own so folks had a timeline to prepare for their own healing process. Everyone wants to know how long the pain will last, how long the swelling will stay, and how long until you can eat solid foods. Read here to see my experience and gather a guesstimate for your own!

A few extra tips for a suffering Homie:

Tips (1)   There is a remedy that most bloggers use; and it’s called Clove Oil. I made the mistake of not picking any up, and quickly wished I did. Clove Oil is used to numb the area, and help the healing process along. Many bloggers replaced their pain medications completely for Clove Oil.

After the first three days a cold-press becomes inadequate and I switched over to the 10 hr Hand Warmers to reduce pain/swelling. At this point, the cold will make your jaw ache more than it will help.

Please comment your experiences & questions down below 🙂

I hope this helps, and I wish you a safe/fast surgery, reduced amount of pain and speedy recovery 🙂 Enjoy a few days in bed relaxing.

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