How-To: Integrate Affiliate Links & Banners

Learning to build a site and write a blog is incredibly simple to do, and you probably already know how.

But if you’re here you are probably stumped on how to find affiliate companies, and/or how to access and place links correctly on that blog. Nice to meet you, I’m going to show you how to do just that, so you can start making money today.

Because I was there too, Homie.

**And if you’re new to researching how worth blogging is, but haven’t gotten started (or haven’t the first clue how to start) you can refer to “How to Properly Monetize” for basic and advanced knowledge on starting an online career that truly pays off.**

To get started placing affiliate links, you’re going to have to understand some basic HTML coding, and I’m going to break it down step-by-step to make it easy-peasy. Because it really is simple once you’ve gone through the motions and can memorize the steps.

As you probably know, you’ll want to start with a website on Bluehost or WordPress, and pay for a domain that can integrate clickable links.

How to set up affiliate links &bannersOnce your site is set up, and a wide base of blogs are completed + ready for links, you need to sign up for reputable Affiliate Accounts. For example, I am employed under:

Max Bounty

Rakuten Marketing

+ A few others.

Once verified, you gain access to tons of campaigns- all prepared with banners and text link ads. Make sure you apply for companies that suit the niche for each piece of content. For instance; do not place a diaper Ad on a bitcoin article. You will receive absolutely no clicks.

Once accepted to qualifying campaigns, they open up their ads to you, and with a click of a button you can find money-making content.

To add a BANNER to a blog:

A: Save the banner picture to your computer. Then copy the tracking code.

B: On your blog, viewing from the “visual” tab, click the curser directly on the spot you want a banner to be placed. Then, without clicking anywhere else- scroll up and switch to the “HTML” tab. It will automatically send you to the spot you clicked.

C: Paste the code in its respective spot

D: Without scrolling/clicking away, go to the “add media” tab, and upload the banner picture to your site. Do not click “insert.” Instead, once uploaded, click the “edit” button and copy the new URL of the picture.

E: Without inserting the picture, click out of the media uploading page. In the HTML code you just placed on the blog, highlight between the parenthesis of the source code (you’ll see “src:=”…”) and delete the text. Then replace it with the one you just copied from the photo.

Click back to “visual” and you should have a perfectly placed, clickable link 🙂

This is because most websites, especially under WordPress- do not accept the source codes that are provided with each link. If you copy & paste an HTML Ad code without changing the source code, your ad will show up but never work. People can click on it all day and nothing will happen.

At the start of my experience placing Ads, I did not know this trick & allowed an entire two days of circulation with broken banners. Talk about a goof-ball mistake.

To integrate TEXT-LINKS on a blog:

A: Access any set of text-links from your favorite affiliate site, and copy the “short link” instead of the full HTML. This is because the full HTML can mess up the words you highlight & link with the code. For example, it will delete the original words and replace them with a snip-bit if the HTML, which is usually gibberish.

B: Highlight any words you’d like to turn into a link on your blog, then click the đź”— tab at the top/middle of the Tool Bar.

C: In the URL section, paste the link. Then make sure you check the box that states “open in new tab” so the reader does not lose their place on your blog when they click a link or banner.

It’s that easy!!! 

Now you know how to properly place Ads and start making income. And, for those of you who run into Ads that do not work- this should hopefully help you decipher a few options.

Have any questions/comments? Leave them below and we will get to you ASAP 🙂 We LOVE interacting with y’all!




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