How to Squash writers block

How To_ (1)Ah, yes. That dreadful moment that all writers try to avoid.

Writers block got ya down? Or maybe you’re preparing for the possible future?

It happens to all of us, my dude. But you know what? There are tons of ways to over come those blockages. Because it can hit at anytime, and it’s always possible to find inspiration again.

It can happen when you’re first starting out and planning content, or building your site; or when you’re just finished with an awesome blog series; or when you’re launching a new product- etc. It can even hit after doing a butt-load of research and having an overload of new info to integrate into your site.

It’s totally okay, and always beatable… Provided you have the motivation. But really, isn’t Writers Block a lack of motivation because there’s too much on your mind?

Regardless, I’ve compiled the best tips for bursting through the blockades and spiraling deep into inspiration to finish the task at hand.

Here are those tips:

1: Have a plan.

Make sure you know everything you want to say, the affiliates you want to talk about, and what audience your content will target.

Start with an outline so you can get your thoughts placed on paper & then organized. Then you can expand upon it to formulate a rough draft. This allows you to throw ideas down without much effort, and then magically have a great basis to expand upon.

2: If you feel stuck halfway through, then stop writing and start working on the pictures/ Ads.

Not only does media break up content and intrigue readers, but it gives you a moment of inspiration to get creative and stop focusing on the hard part. Also, lighting a Fall Candle and sipping on my Favorite Tea usually brings me extra joy and creativity. A super cute Cup/Mug adds bonus points! Most of the time- by the end of adding the gifs or formatting the title/Pinterest ads, a few more points or edits about the posts pop into thought, and can be expanded upon.

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3: If you struggle with completing a blog from start to finish in one day, then definitely block out sections of the process into a few days.

Even one solid blog every week will build a successful blog, so don’t stress about posting every day or two.

For example, on weeks that I have a lot of other projects at the same time and still want to post a blog- I stick to this schedule:

Day 1: Complete an outline and expand/edit a little.

Day 2: Complete the rough draft.

Day 3: Edit, expand, and add pictures/media.

Day 4: Place Ads, Ad Links, Banners, Title Pictures, and Triple check for errors. You want to look over the entire post, each time with a specific goal.

Such as; once for spell checks, once for formatting, once for organization & flow, once for media placement, and once for affiliate placement.

Post the content.

*You can find the same planner I use to keep on track of this schedule here!*

Day 5: Share to all social sites; including Google+, Tailwind, Email Lists, and any other platforms.

Share all post Ads (the ones you create as an Ad to get clicks to the blog, not the affiliate Ads in the blog itself-just to clarify). Also if relevant to your content, conduct the photo-shoot this day as well and share all edited content.

I utilize photo-shoots for advertising new posts, new fashion deals, new products on the site, new videos on YouTube, etc. I’ve noticed that the audience we build wants to see us more than anything else. This makes a professional selfie way more valuable than a formatted Ad.

4: Sometimes the problem isn’t a lack of motivation, but the need for an inspirational environment.

For instance, sitting on the bed with animals running around being needy & chores to do & people hanging out with family/ roommates isn’t exactly a breeding ground for focus. Sometimes simply going to a coffee shop or library and completing tasks in a quiet, clean environment can be the treasure map to success. I often “clock-in” at the local Biggby and enjoy an Iced Teddy Bear Latte, while working on my laptop and phone. I’ve actually built great relationships with every single worker/manager & I look forward to the days I spend @ Biggby. I end up leaving with tons of work done, a happy belly, and a warm heart after a day of work/ friends.

5: There are multiple avenues to write a blog on, such as a computer/laptop, a cell phone, a tablet, or paper. Find the platform that helps you feel the most inspired.

Everyone works best on different platforms. I, for example, write the quickest on paper. For some reason staring at a computer screen just allows too much distraction. Recently, I’ve noticed transferring outlines on my phone works well too. A attribute this to my habitual tendencies of comfortably lying down while scrolling through food videos on my phone. It’s easy to type like I’m texting and get shit done.

The best-ever tactic to completing a blog outline & rough draft, however, is definitely paper. I do not know what it is, but I assume the lack of distractions from technology mixed with the excitement of cute pens just gets me going. Honestly, using a piece of technology to finish the first stages of creating a blog just holds way too many opportunities to get off track.

There is music on YouTube, House Tour Videos, Dogs&Cats, delicious Food Clips, and Hot Babes (male included) to look at online- so how could you stay focused on typing paragraphs? I totally get it.

So, this tip definitely stands to be: start planning and writing the blog on paper before transferring the rough draft to your website editing platform to complete edits & links/media.

6: This last tip is one for the books, although a little unorthodox for most of society. If your head feels fogged, you’re unable to start writing, and you need to find a way to focus- go outside.

Go to your yard or a park and just breathe. Simply enjoying the trees, sun and wind can move mountains; even the ones in your head. Forget about everything in the world for just a moment, believe whole heartedly that everything is as it’s meant to be, and you are content & happy. This is the power of enlightenment and controlling your thoughts. You could be getting in your own way, chores & family could be getting in the way, stress or sickness could be the culprit or even lack of sleep; but one thing is for sure; The universe will take care of you, and you are capable of trusting & moving forward.

This tip is what gets me through stress, writers block, sickness, work, challenges etc. please try it sometime 🙂

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