Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Healing Timeline

Hey, dudes. I’ve been there. You’ve probably recently had wisdom teeth removed, and now you’re laid up in bed, wondering how long it will take to be able to say,

“Ahhh… I feel better.”

Wisdom Teeth ExtractioN_ a hEALING tIMELINELiterally no one enjoys throbbing pain in their jaw for extended periods of time.

Now, I’ve searched just about every corner of the internet to find an article that really breaks down the healing timeline and lets me have a decent idea of how long each step will take.

Because, I know I was lying there moaning, ” I just want to be able to sigh and be thankful that it’s over.”

But it’s not really over until the pain and medications disappear, right?

And I really couldn’t find any helpful articles to form a guesstimate. Available articles sort of just outlined a basic timeline, and did not break down the healing process, or how long each step could take.

Every single person is different, so counting on one story to be exactly like your experience- is not going to prove helpful. However, they can still serve as a basis of knowledge when you have zero idea of what to really expect. But not many folks take the time to put their experience out for the world. I’d like to offer my experience so you can actually find helpful info. Good luck, friends- feel better 🙂

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This is what I experienced:


Day 1: My surgery took place September 6th, and went very quickly. I took my Black Tourmaline Crystal for protection, as I am very nervous when going under anesthesia. After surgery I experienced complete lip, tongue and jaw numbness- with strong pressure around the entire face and neck. I was sleepy for the first few hours and couldn’t remember previous conversations when I woke up, until about 6 hours later when I felt more cognitive. Most people say you won’t be able to wake up or move the first day, but I was given lighter medications- so I was able to walk around the first three days to complete chores or run errands. I wasn’t able to do much physical activity though, as I felt weak. I only drank liquids, such as soup or broth, and I could barely open my mouth to use a spoon.

Day 2: The major numbness subsided mostly, and I felt decent for the most part. I still ate liquids only, and couldn’t open my jaw. I continued completing chores around the house and running errands, but I did it all while wrapped in my favorite Fuzzy Blanket for comfort. I shared the link with you, in case you love Fuzzy Blankets as much as I do. 🙂

Day 4: The pain hit me this day; probably because I did too much activity, didn’t sleep much, and swished with salt water like 100 times to feel clean. I developed dry sockets this day, and my jaw swelled so badly that I couldn’t talk or do anything; I just wanted to lie down with a heat press on my face. I used a ton of the 10 hr Hand Warmers to keep swelling/ pain down. I continued taking Percocet, and rested in bed for the next three days, eating only liquids, swishing with salt water, and keeping the pressure off of my face. I regained a tiny amount of jaw movement back, but still could not open it enough to easily use a spoon yet.

Day 8: I couldn’t help but start working, after not touching anything for a week. I felt well enough to lie in bed and get work done on the computer, so I did just that for the next 5 days. I didn’t do very much cleaning, running around, or activity; I just kinda rested, hung out with friends, and got work done. I took naps on-and-off, and still continued a mostly liquid diet. This day, I started eating KFC Mashed Potatoes (without the gravy of course, as I am vegetarian) and BOY did they save my life. I proceeded to pick up at least 2 large sides of mashed every single day for a week. Around this time I took a trip to the surgeon so I could inquire the health of my gums & dry sockets, and possibly get them packed for further protection and pain reduction. However, upon arriving, they told me I was doing a fantastic job keeping things clean and healthy, and that packing the dry sockets actually lengthens the healing process; keeping the sockets open, but covered. I was already a week into healing, and knew I could heal quicker if I stuck to cleaning them and waiting until the jaw bone heals over, so I would continue taking pain medications (against my wish to stop taking them) to get through the painful days & shorten the process. I also didn’t mind keeping a liquid diet just to heal better.

Day 11: I could now open my mouth enough to fit my finger through. I finally decided to eat some real food, as my dry sockets had closed enough that the jaw bone wasn’t exposed anymore. I finally went out to eat for my birthday (which was the 10th), and ate salmon with risotto. It was easy to get down, soft instead of chewy, and I went straight home to clean out the dry sockets. Be warned: if you eat anything except liquid for the 8 weeks it takes to heal… you WILL have gunk in them, even if you brush your teeth or swish salt water. It is important to keep them clean. I used Himalayan Sea Salt Rinses, as that is the best salt for healing. It contains high amounts of trace minerals and serves as a fantastic disinfectant during the healing process. (

I’m currently on day 14, & although I’m still taking a pain med every 6 hours, life is good. I’m able to eat most normal foods, except super chewy/large stuff- as long as I clean my dry sockets. I can open my jaw enough to eat most things, but a burger is out of the question, as I cannot open my mouth very far. I can open it enough to move my finger around between my teeth though, which is progress. I can run errands and complete work tasks without feeling super drained. I do however feel a bit foggy-headed from all of the pills the last two weeks, but I will be sure to complete a day of cleansing once I can stop consuming them for pain. I’ve set up the beautiful Crystal Grid  Tyler surprised me with on my birthday, so I can focus on a speedy recovery!

I hope this helps those of you going through this process currently- or preparing for it to happen. I know it can be nerve-racking, but it is something that is pretty easy to get through. And I’m here the whole way to give you the tips and heads up you’re searching for.

Tips There is also a few pointers Y’all should utilize during the healing process, to get through it a bit less painfully. Sticking to these tips has been very beneficial for me, granting me a quick/safe surgery, speedy healing time, and less pain than I think people usually experience.

I did not take the time to pick up Clove oil– which I seriously regretted afterwards, because many bloggers have written of their experience being wonderful. Clove oil helps numb & moisturize the area, while disinfecting it as well. Most of the users actually completely replaced their medications for clove oils!

I personally used CBD Coconut Oil for disinfecting and comfort 🙂

Good luck!!! C O M M E N T  B E L O W with any questions or experiences!!! Thank you 🙂

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