So I launched an online Clothing Store

I’ve always wanted to offer clothing for Pseudo Pharm, and the dream is coming true- in the best ways possible. Introducing: Hidden Treasures.

The prices of Name-Brand clothing these days are outrageous, so I wanted to take the *back-door* low-prices available to me as a company owner- and give back to you.

Now, I didn’t launch this idea on my own; Tyler & I’s very close friend Random (yes, that’s his name) approached me with an inquiry I couldn’t pass up. He wanted to build this site together, because he knew that he harnessed skills I hadn’t and I knew skills he’d never even heard of. Together we could be a power-team, and I had to jump on the idea. His vision was offering Women’s Clothing & Accessories at super low prices, but that still made girls feel amazing; no matter what ethnicity, size, personality, or shape they were! As a woman myself, that sounds like music to my ears. And I know tons of ladies that will enjoy this breakthrough with us.

We’ve created the ultimate Name-Brand Boutique for Women! We offer adorable fashion at extremely low prices! For example, the prices that are “suggested” to us as a shop owner are already lower than normal, but we take it even further. We give you an additional amount off that price, PLUS coupons- all the time!

There is a “Save $__” button under each product, which is the amount we deducted from those suggested prices, so we could offer y’all these Name-Brand clothes at prices unbeknownst to the internet.

We don’t care about high profit margins… because what kind of business empties the wallets of their customers just for extra cash? We keep every single product on a base of very-very low prices, so everyone can look and feel great, without crying over the receipt. And in the mean-time; I can offer another side of Pseudo Pharm, and Random can take care of his family without over-working!

Plus, I have my own personal “clearance sale” site to update my wardrobe with. Like, come-on… YES PLEASE.

We want to give you guys something even more special than the jaw-dropping low-prices, though. So we added a Unique Code for our New Friends to bank extra savings.

Use the code:    family time

to receive 15% OFF your entire cart!

View the site here:

Check out a few of our new products & let us know what you think 🙂

I really hope y’all enjoy as much as we do! We launched this morning and already have seen about 100 of you on the shop! I’m full-filling orders tonight before bed, and again in the morning!

TAKE ADVANTAGE!!! Love you guys 🙂

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